10 Affordable Ways to Turn Your Master Suite into a Luxurious Getaway

Jan 27, 2016


Everyone likes to schedule a nice little getaway from time to time. Wouldn’t it be amazing to take that spa-like luxurious bedroom suite back home with you? What’s stopping you? You can recreate that amazing bedroom suite in your home by making a few simple changes in the layout and decor. Let’s talk about remodeling your master suite and look at 10 affordable ways you can recreate a luxurious getaway in your own home.

  1. Look at the Layout: The layout of your existing master suite will dictate what you can do with your reconstruction and redecoration. You may occasionally find yourself thinking that if this wall or that doorway wasn’t there you could do so much more. So change it. Transform the layout so you can create the master suite you deserve.
  2. Create an Entryway: The door to your bedroom suite is probably pretty boring. It’s a door after all. Paint or stain the door to make it more attractive. Change the doorknob to something amazing, and hang artwork in the doorway just as you enter the room. Create an amazing entryway that wreaks luxury as soon as you enter.
  3. Hang Amazing Curtains: Every hotel room has amazing windows and curtains. Purchase curtains and a curtain rod that make you immediately think luxury. Hang the curtains high above the windows to give the illusion of a higher ceiling and bigger windows.
  4. The Bathroom: Open up the bathroom and install a large soaking tub. Add jets for a more luxurious bath. Separate the shower and tub for extra room in each, and create a modern, streamline appearance by storing everything in a closet.
  5. Find the Perfect Temperature: The temperature in the bedroom suite has to be perfect for one person; you. Install a separate heating and cooling system for that room if necessary.
  6. Lighting: Some areas of lighting have to be bright where others need to be warmer and more subdued. Decide where you need each type of lighting, and install the right type of fixtures to achieve that effect.
  7. Fixtures: Every luxurious bedroom suite must be topped off with amazing fixtures. Light fixtures can seriously make or break this entire plan, so make sure you choose something that looks absolutely fantastic in your newly designed and decorated master suite.
  8. Greenery and Colorful Flowers: Add greenery and flowers, even if they’re silk. Live plants add a lot of appeal in the master suite, but if you don’t have the time to take care of them, fake flowers work as well.
  9. Flooring: Choose the flooring carefully. Tile the bathroom and consider wood flooring or carpeting in the bedroom. Some homeowners don’t like carpeting at all, so take a look at all of your other options and choose an amazing floor.
  10. Trim and Details: Base trim, window trim, and crown molding are amazing ways to add detail to the room. Choose faucets, faceplates, and other decor that will truly stand out and give your bedroom suite the luxurious appeal you desire.

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