10 Incredible Ideas for Creating an Amazing Master Suite

Jun 25, 2018


We all tend to lead hectic and chaotic lives these days. Whether we’re busy working, busy raising kids, or busy taking care of aging relatives – we’re just busy. The master suite should be the one spot we can escape to and let the troubles of the day melt away. It’s designed to be our getaway of sorts, although the kids generally find a way to worm their way into that area as well. We can still make it as functional and comfortable as possible; you could even try teaching the kids that it’s a quiet room and play is not allowed. But that’s a different article for a different blog entirely! We’re going to talk about master bedroom design ideas that you’re sure to love.

  1. Large Bedroom – The bedroom area itself needs to be spacious enough to give you a sense of freedom and the ability to unwind yet also be relaxing.
  2. Large Walk-in Closet – Your closet should be large enough to not only store your clothing and personal items, but also to allow you to dress.
  3. Large Bathroom – Create a large open shower area with separate soaking tub, and a smaller separate room for the toilet.
  4. Comfy Seating Area – Design an area that’s just for sitting and relaxing. No electronics unless it’s an ebook reader. This is your spot to unwind.
  5. Functional and Efficient Furniture – None of us really want to add furniture to a room without giving it purpose. Feel free to get creative with your furniture choices, but make sure everything has a purpose.
  6. Calming Color Choices – Earthy tones are great for relaxation. Keep your color choices calm and relaxing. You can add small pops of color for contrast, but don’t overdo it.
  7. Textures – Tone-on-tone or monochromatic color choices work beautifully as long as you also implement a variety of textures.
  8. Lighting – Natural lighting is best, so add plenty of windows, a skylight, or a sun tunnel where possible. Otherwise, choose lighting that complements the room without being harsh.
  9. French Doors – Not only do they provide a lot of natural light to the room, they also offer a secondary means of escape as well as your own private doorway outside.
  10. Private Deck or Patio – What better to follow your French doors than your own private terrace, deck, or patio? It doesn’t have to be a large space, just private, and yours alone.

Master Suite Design in Earleville

Designing your master suite takes time, but that time will be well worth it in the end. Your life has enough hectic and chaotic stuff happening on a daily basis. Let us help you design the perfect master suite to help you relax as much as possible every day.

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