10 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Lighting for Various Areas of Your Home

May 23, 2016


Choosing light fixtures for a home can be difficult and overwhelming, because no one really knows what size the fixture should be and if it will give off enough light or maybe even too much light. There is nothing worse than completing a renovation and then not be able to see when you sit down in your comfy chair to read a book. Trying to make a delicious dinner in a brand new kitchen without enough lighting is tough as well. Here are 10 tips that we have found useful when we choose lighting for different areas of your home:

  1. Use a large statement pendant or two larger pendants over an island in the kitchen, instead of multiple small pendants. The larger size will add more visual interest to the space and the lighting will be more even.
  2. If you would like a chandelier in the living room or dining room, then we recommend choosing one after you decide what your décor is going to be. The perfect chandelier will not date the space and should allow enough room underneath for people to walk under.
  3. Sconces light hallways perfectly as long as they are placed correctly. A wall sconce should be placed every 8 feet or so in the hallway, so that people can see the entire length of the hall.
  4. We usually recommend recessed lighting for rooms with high ceilings. The lights can be moved in any direction and when they are connected to a dimmer switch, the ambiance of the room can be changed significantly.
  5. Lighting in a children’s room can be tricky. They need a lot of light during the day, but don’t forget a small lamp for nighttime. The small lamp can be utilized as a night light or as a way for a parent to see as they are doing middle of the night feedings.
  6. If lights are shining down from above the vanity, then it is best to install lights at the sides of the mirror and vanity. This will minimize the shadows and make shaving and makeup application much easier.
  7. Place lamps next to chairs that will be used for reading or other activities that need a lot of light. The lamps can either be placed on a table or the floor. Make sure that the lamps match the décor and are bright enough for the task at hand.
  8. For certain areas of the house, like the kitchen, we recommend pendant lighting that has glass at the bottom. This prevents the homeowner from having to take apart the light fixture to clean it when something splashes up into it.
  9. If there are certain areas in the house that a homeowner wants to draw attention to, like artwork or a unique feature, we recommend using accent lights. These lights will shine on the area and make it the main focal point of the room.
  10. Dimmer switches are necessary in many rooms of the house. Not only do they change the ambiance of the rooms, they also help reduce the amount of electricity used.

Light fixtures are fairly simple to change, but most people want to choose the correct ones the first time. By following our simple tips, you should be able to find the perfect fixtures for your home. Call us at our Maryland office at 410-877-6112 or our Delaware office at 302-793-9352 if you would like to schedule an appointment to renovate or add new lighting options to your home.









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