5 Tips for Choosing Interior Paint Colors that Create a Peaceful Atmosphere in Your Home

Nov 27, 2017


The challenge of choosing the right paint colors has increased as manufacturers have continued to experiment with shades and tonal variations. Experts suggest speeding up the process by sticking with your personal preferences. This is good advice, but it is not always the best method, especially you want to create a particular theme or atmosphere. Your personal favorites can be a good starting point for the overall color scheme of the home.

  1. Experiment with neutrals – the beauty of neutral colors is that they can work in almost any setting. You can use them to balance other colors, or as accents. Remember that neutral does not mean boring or plain. Looking at different possible combinations will expand your range of options.
  2. Use a color wheel – the color wheel can make the selection of colors easy. You can have a quick visual representation of how colors can work together. You can also see how your favorite color will work with other colors.
  3. Look for inspiration – one of the simplest ways to find the right neutral colors is to look at how other people have used them. Home improvement magazines can be an excellent source of inspiration. The internet also gives you access to an almost endless array of ideas you can use. Painting service providers also put examples of their work on their websites to attract customers and to provide inspiration.
  4. Use objects inside the home – many pieces of furniture, drapes or bed linens utilize neutral colors. The ideal choices may be right before your eyes without you realizing it. Many throw pillows and bedding is a mixture of bold and neutral colors, so they will show you how well they can work together. You can use this same template to make the right choices for that peaceful atmosphere. Take samples to the paint store and they will be able to match them.
  5. Take inspiration from nature – the outdoors contain a vast array of neutral and bright tones that work very well together. You can find inspiration in plants, trees in autumn or even the color of the ocean. The calming effect of the outdoor setting can be had inside the home when you make the right color choices.

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