7 Home Additions That Will Add to Your Homes Curb Appeal

Jul 19, 2016


Almost every homeowner needs more space in their house, but not many of them are willing to move from their current home to buy a home with more square footage. Thankfully, there are many home additions that can be done that will not only add space and value to the home, but also improve the curb appeal as well.

Here are 7 home additions that will add curb appeal to any home:

  1. A New Garage: Building a garage on to an existing home is a good way to add much needed space and value to a house at the same time. The garage can be used to park the cars or for storage and as long as it is built in the same style as the house, it will look fabulous. Consider building a garage with a basement or large attic space for even more space and curb appeal potential.
  2. Finish the Attic: Finishing an attic is another way to add space and while many people do not think that this adds curb appeal, it actually can. Adding dormers to the space creates window openings that look nice from the outside. Making the ceilings taller often requires us to lift the roof, which offers the potential to change the roof pitch and the roof line, which is a lovely way to improve curb appeal.
  3. Cover the Entryway: A small covering over the front door creates a nice little stoop for protection from the rain, but it also adds to the curb appeal possibilities for your home. You could even have a roof and railings added and the porch becomes a cozy sitting area for everyone.
  4. Add a Front Porch: A porch can also be enclosed and turned into a yearlong bonus room. This can be better than a covered porch, because the room can now be used during any season instead of only during warmer months.
  5. Add to Your Deck: You can add architectural style to your existing deck by adding a pergola, arbor, or gazebo. We can even add tiers to your deck to add depth and intrigue.
  6. Home Additions: Additional rooms are a good way to add more space to a house and we can assist you with the design of the outside so that it matches the existing exterior.
  7. Add Outdoor Living Spaces: Outdoor living is becoming more common and you can make the exterior of your home reflect your current lifestyle. You can achieve this by building a deck or expanding a current deck to turn your backyard into a private oasis.

Homeowners have so many options available to them and it is possible that they can have more space and an even more beautiful home by following the tips we mentioned here. Give us a call at 410-877-6112 or 302-739-9352 any time to start planning your home improvement ideas. We’ll schedule an appointment and get started with the planning process to improve your home’s curb appeal.

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