7 Incredible Home Remodeling Ideas that You Will Love

Aug 29, 2017


When you are remodeling any part of your home, the costs can quickly add up. For some homeowners, this is a reason to hold off on their plans. You don’t need to put remodeling your home on the back burner just because it seems too expensive. This is an investment that can pay off by increasing the value and comfort of your home. Here are some great ideas you can use to rejuvenate the look and feel of your home.

  1. Make the living room split-level. Lower a section of your living room to make a conversation pit. These features were trendy in the past, but they are making a comeback. You can find stylish seating for sunken areas and add throw cushions for a color infusion.
  2. Utilize dead spaces. Almost every home has a few dead spaces that can be used in different ways. Good ideas include slide out wine racks or knife blocks in the kitchen or necktie storage in the bedroom.
  3. Platform storage. A simple platform of roughly 10 to 12 inches with two drawers added can put an end to your storage problems and help to keep the home organized.
  4. Baseboard drawers. These are ideal storage solutions in the kitchen and bathroom. In the kitchen you can free up space for fancy dinnerware. These drawers are great for keeping soaps, candles and scented oils that you can use to turn your bathroom into a spa.
  5. Double duty furniture. If you plan to update your furniture, this is another good way to increase storage options and decrease clutter.
  6. Convert the attic. The attic remains a realm of unexplored remodeling possibilities. You can turn it into a work area or a playroom, but a small attic can make the perfect pillow room. This is probably the least expensive option for revamping the attic space.
  7. Use the space above the staircase. This area might not be large, but it can be utilized in different ways. It can serve as a work or storage area, or a playroom for children.

These projects vary in terms cost of the length of time they take to accomplish. Generally they are not expensive, and they will cause little disruption to your normal routine. While it is generally best to seek the services of a contractor, a few of them can make ideal do-it-yourself projects.

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