7 Tips to Remember When You Decide to Remodel Your Basement

Oct 23, 2017


The basement is generally thought of as a dank and dark area only suitable for storage. We’ve helped many homeowners in Earleville and the surrounding areas realize the full potential of their basement. Here are 7 important tips to keep in mind when you decide to remodel your basement.

  1. Moisture is Not Your Friend: Make sure all of the cracks have been sealed and there is no moisture seeping into the basement before you begin the project. Install a dehumidifier if necessary to keep the moisture down.
  2. Install a Door: Every basement has to have multiple escape routes in order to meet code. Install an exit door that can be used in case of an emergency upstairs that prevents you or your loved ones from escaping through the primary entry door.
  3. Add Safety with Egress Windows: We may need to add a few egress windows just to satisfy code, but we recommend going a little further. Add egress windows that can double as outdoor sitting areas. An egress window well can be designed to allow plenty of space to create a small vegetable or flower garden, a play area for children or pets, or a great outdoor seating area for when you just want to get away.
  4. Don’t Seal Off Your Mechanical Systems: The basement is an excellent spot for things like the water heater, electrical panels, and plumbing lines. You may need easy access to those in the event of an emergency or regular maintenance. We can help you design a soundproof utility room that will allow you to maintain easy access while shutting those items away from the rest of the home.
  5. Keep it Open: Building a bedroom and bathroom is a great idea, but don’t go all out and create several individual walled rooms with a hallway. Keep the floor plan as open as possible to keep the line of sight from area to area. Keeping a more open floor plan also allows you to make the most of natural light that comes in from the windows.
  6. Modify the Staircase: We know that most basement staircases are made from plain wood and don’t particularly attract attention. Consider modifying your staircase so that it blends with the rest of the remodeled area and adds a visual aesthetic.
  7. Consider a Small Kitchenette: You probably don’t want a full kitchen downstairs just to add to your normal workload while cleaning house. But a kitchenette would allow you to keep snacks and drinks downstairs where they’re easily accessible. Make it as fancy or keep it as simple as you like.

Give us a call at 410-877-6112 or 302-793-9352 to schedule a consultation for remodeling your basement. We fully believe in the potential of the basement and its ability to add livable functionality to your home.

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