8 Reasons to Consider Replacing the Windows in Your Home

Mar 24, 2014

Replacing the Windows in Your Home

One of the first things homeowners notice when it comes time to replace the windows is an increase in energy bills. If your home is difficult to heat and cool, or you’re constantly seeing your energy bills increase, it’s probably time to consider replacing your windows. Throughout this blog post, I’m going to address eight reasons to replace your windows and offer explanations for each. Let’s get started.

Your Home Feels Drafty: If you can feel air coming through the window at any point, or if you can feel major temperature changes around your windows during any time of the year, you should probably consider replacing the windows.
Heating and Cooling Bills Increase: Regular increases in energy costs are a given. However, you may need to replace your windows if you notice drastic changes in your energy bill, and they continue to increase over a period of time.
Safety: Older windows that don’t lock well should be replaced with windows that lock securely.
Faded Facings: Windows take a lot of weather damage, and tend to look old or faded over time. Spruce up the appearance of your home by replacing faded windows.
Difficult or Impossible to Open: A window’s purpose is to protect the inhabitants of your home while offering the ability to let in fresh air when opened. Windows that are difficult to open or even impossible to open should be replaced.
This also presents a safety hazard for everyone inside the home. Windows are often used as escape routes during an emergency such as a fire. A window that doesn’t open may trap family members inside the home and endanger their life.
Cracked Glass: Damaged windows look bad, perform poorly, and should be replaced at the very next opportunity.
Constant State of Repair: Caulk, putty and paint aren’t miracle cures for ailing windows. If you’re constantly working to repair your window sills or the windows themselves, it’s definitely time to replace them.
Aesthetic Value: A facelift is sometimes necessary to give your home a newer appearance. The most effective thing you can do to make your home look better (increase the curb appeal) is replace windows and doors, and paint wooden trim.

Your home is your sanctuary. It provides much more than shelter against weather; it’s your place to unwind, relax, and enjoy the company of family or friends. Windows are one of the major factors in the overall comfort value of your home. Properly placed and properly functioning windows look amazing and provide numerous benefits to homeowners.

I offer window replacement options in the Cecil County, Maryland and New Castle County, Delaware area, and would love to discuss your ideas with you. Feel free to call me to schedule a free consultation and estimate, and to discover possible tax credits that may benefit you should you decide to replace the windows in your home.

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