8 Things You Must Keep in Mind for Basement Remodeling in 2016

Dec 23, 2015


Basement remodeling became very popular in the early 2000s and has gained momentum since. The basement, once thought of as just a dark, somewhat dry storage area has become one of the focal points of most homes over time. We’ve helped many Earleville area homeowners realize the true potential of their basement and create pretty amazing spaces that they love. Here are eight things you have to keep in mind when remodeling the basement.

  1. Keep it Dry: Moisture leads to mold, mildew, insect infestations, and rot. These are issues that no homeowner should ever have to deal with after a proper basement remodel. We use a high quality vapor barrier and take other preventative measures against moisture in the basement.
  2. Keep it Up to Code: The basement is a part of your home. The entire home must be up to code. We will apply for the correct permits so there is no confusion and as little headache for you as possible. We understand that having workers in your home can be stressful enough; we’ll take care of the permit acquisition process to ensure that everything is legal during the remodel.
  3. Insulate Well: Many homeowners are under the impression that the basement has enough natural insulation because it is at least mostly underground. This is not necessarily the fact of the matter. The basement stays cooler year-round because of the natural temperature of the surrounding soil and blocks.
  4. Drop Ceilings: The ductwork for the heating and cooling systems runs under the flooring of the first floor, which means across the ceiling of the basement. Drywall ceilings make it impossible to access plumbing or ductwork as needed. Drop ceilings are the perfect solution because they allow access to those vital systems without tearing out the ceiling.
  5. Utility Room: Don’t spend the time finishing the utility room. This is where the HVAC unit, hot water heater, boiler, or other large household appliances will live. Finishing this area can lead to problems down the line, especially in the event of a hot water tank leak; drywall doesn’t do well with water.
  6. Lighting Options: Stick with lighting options that don’t take up a lot of space when possible. Small lamps, recessed lighting, or track lighting are good options. The ceiling height is generally fairly short in the basement, so the less space required for lighting, the better.
  7. Heated Flooring: The basement floor will always be cold. You can somewhat combat it with carpeting or several area rugs, but it will always feel colder than other areas of the home. Heated flooring is a wonderful way to prevent cold basement floors.
  8. Customization: Build your basement to suit your needs. Every homeowner deserves that special area that caters specifically to their lifestyle and their household needs. Let us show you how we can customize your basement for you.

Take a look at our basements gallery to get a good idea of the quality of our work. Give us a call at Sundance Homes if we can help you with your 2016 basement remodeling plans any time throughout the year. You can call our Maryland office at 410-877-6112, our Delaware office at 302-793-9352, or our cell phone at 443-309-1206.


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