9 Creative Kitchen Remodeling Ideas 

Jul 20, 2017

Remodeling your kitchen? Worried about the spacing and the cost? Well, you’ve come to the right place for tips on how to get your dream kitchen without going overboard. You’re probably wondering how this could possibly be true- well, it’s actually easier than you think. Here are some simple tips and instructions on how to create your dream kitchen at a moderate cost.

  • To create the illusion of space all you have to do is place magnetic strips on your wall. This will give you storage space to hang pots, knives and other metallic utensils. If you are creative, you can place the magnetic strips in different designs.
  • Knock out a part of the wall and build your cabinets and pantry inside the wall. This gives you an alcove like a secret room or a walk in closet. This will help to create additional space.
  • Transform a drawer into a storage space for dishes by placing vertical or horizontal slabs of wood inside the drawer.
  • Build a platform that contains a drawer underneath. Not only will this help to reach high cabinets but it will also double as a storage space.
  • Another unique renovation idea is to place a mini fridge or wine rack in your kitchen island. The beauty about wine racks is that they can be placed virtually anywhere that there is dead space.
  • Place bar stools around your kitchen island to create a unique bar-like setting in your kitchen.
  • Wooden floor panels, countertops and a kitchen island to match, along with walls painted in pale colors can help to transform your kitchen. To make a statement, use cupboards that are in a dark contrasting color to the walls, such as blue or deep orange. This creates contrast within your kitchen, while also, adhering to the newest trend in home décor.
  • To keep your kitchens cohesive and trendy use cupboard with handles, knobs and faucets that are the same color and tone such as bronze, silver or gold. Contrasting colors also work wonders to being some life to the kitchen.
  • The right types of lighting fixtures also help to personalize any kitchen, transforming it from modern to classic.  You can use task lights over work and muted recess lights in corners or in the ceiling.  

These are just a few simple and cost effective ways to give your kitchen a facelift. Call our Maryland office at 410-877-6112 or our Delaware office at 302-793-9352 to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. We’ll help with the entire planning and design process and assist with the difficult decisions like materials and colors as well.

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