A Guide for Building a House after the Plans Are Drawn

Aug 17, 2015


The prospect of building your new custom house is so exciting, but once the work starts you will see that it is a major commitment. No two projects of this type are exactly alike, but they generally follow the same basic pattern. If you are planning to build your dream home, this guide will help prepare you for the numerous steps involved. We’ll start with the early stages of development and walk you through the finishing touches.

The Early Stages

Planning your new home takes time and creativity. Work with a home designer or architect with experience designing a variety of home styles. They should have a proven track record for designing homes that are structurally sound and look amazing.

Once you have plans that you are happy with, the project will head into the preparation phase. This should include:

  • Get the site ready by getting rid of trees and bushes and other objects on the site, and start the excavation process to flatten the land.
  • Purchase the materials and possibly a storage container to store them in.
  • Rent a portable toilet for the construction crew.
  • Ensure that there is an electrical supply for the crew.
  • Rent a dumpster.

Starting the Construction

This starts with laying a strong foundation, an essential aspect of the structure. This actually represents a large portion of the construction costs. At this stage, proper drainage is important for the continued strength of this part of the structure. It should also have holes for setting up the basic plumbing.

The Basic Structure and the Roof

The framing of the house will provide support for the walls, partitions, and the roof. The frame will include the spaces for windows and doors as well as any built-in areas that require additional support. At this time, the roofing contractor will start working on the top of the structure. The windows and siding will be installed, and the work will move indoors once everything is under roof and dry. At this point the home is essentially an empty shell.

Essential Interior Work

This stage of the building process will include what is called, rough-ins. This mean carrying out the basic early stage of certain installations before the work is completed. The HVAC system, all plumbing, and electrical is installed during this phase. After insulation is installed, the drywall is installed and finished. Other tasks for the interior are installing tiles or hardwood, and finishing the electrical and plumbing work.

Finally, the Finishing

This is where all final touches come together. This includes installation of kitchen and bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, selection and installation of cupboards. Next will be the painting to give each room and the exterior the look you want. Paint selection is very important in the process and you may discover that you would rather have help than choose paint alone.

Some construction jobs do not go as smoothly as planned. An expert contractor can respond to unexpected occurrences to protect the client’s investment. The professionals at Sundance Custom Homes will help walk you through every stage of the custom home building process so you know what to expect every step of the way. Call our Maryland office at 410-877-6112, the Delaware office at 302-793-9352, or our cell phone at 443-309-1206 to discuss your upcoming new home build.

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