A Kitchen Bump Out: A Different Kind of Addition

Aug 17, 2015


So you have finally decided to do something about that small kitchen; congratulations! You have probably started to think about how it will look after completion and you can finally put everything into place. Kitchen remodeling is a very exciting process, and becomes even more exciting when you’re planning something truly unusual that will give your home a unique appearance. Today we’re going to talk about the kitchen bump out and how it can save you time, effort, and money.

Finding the right contractor for your home addition is one thing; that seems pretty simple since you’re already here, right? But what about the costs of materials, labor, and everything else the project entails? When you start to think about the cutting, digging, noise and the inconvenience, it is enough to make you start having second thoughts. That’s why many homeowners who want to build a kitchen addition are planning a bump out style addition instead.

What is a Kitchen Bump Out?

A bump out addition is a type of addition that extends a wall or a couple of walls, to provide additional square footage without building an entirely new room. Most kitchen bump outs push the kitchen walls out two to three feet. A bump out addition allows for creative decor inside as well as creativity using siding and roofing on the exterior.

Square Footage

It is best to approach a bump-out project with a realistic view of the amount of space you will get. You aren’t adding an entire home addition, so really take the time to consider what you’re getting. A bump out of two or three feet might not seem like a lot, but to the owner of a small kitchen, the additional 20-30 square feet makes an amazing difference.

Let’s say the average kitchen is 10×10 feet, or 100 square feet. Building a kitchen bump out that extends the kitchen three feet along one wall will give you roughly 30 square feet of additional space. We understand that you probably don’t want to simply bump out a single wall, but this may give you an idea for calculating your usable square footage.

Permits and Codes

Like other types of additions, this will require authorization from building authorities because we are manipulating a supporting structure. The location may also make it necessary to put in new plumbing and electrical installations. You can only work out the cost after listing all the factors that are unique to your situation and property.

How a Kitchen Bump Out Saves You Money

Saving money is one of the chief reasons why kitchen bump outs are so attractive to homeowners and contractors alike. One major difference between a bump out and an addition is that although it gives you more space, it does not always need a concrete foundation. Right away, you may be able to remove this item from the budget.

A second-floor kitchen bump out may be supported using pressure treated lumber instead of building all the way to the ground and attaching to a foundation. This idea also allows you to do unique and creative things with the roofing, siding, and windows. You may also consider building a small covered patio at ground level below the bump out.

Extra bracing is an important component of this project as it will provide stability to the addition. Most bump-out projects do not involve roof extensions. If it extends beyond the existing roof, the bump-out can be built with its own flat roof or by adding a decorative roof that adds to your home’s curb appeal.

Another way that a kitchen bump-out is more of a money-saver than a full kitchen addition is that it usually doesn’t require any changes to the heating and cooling system. The addition of (up to) 60 square feet isn’t usually going to cause any problems with the average HVAC system.

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