AdditionsThe idea of building an addition onto your home is something many homeowners think of often. You may find yourself thinking, “It would be nice to have a home office,” or “A bigger family room would make life so much easier.” A room addition is much easier than many homeowners imagine. Sundance Homes, LLC has the experience and expertise required to make your home additions project feel seamless.

Our construction contractors pay close attention to detail and leave nothing unfinished. Your new room addition must fit into your home without a hitch. We will make sure that we use materials that complement the rest of your home, so each room flows seamlessly into the other, regardless of the number of rooms we add.

Room Addition Costs

Several factors must be considered when planning your home addition.

  • Square Footage – How much square footage do you need to add? One way to measure this is to choose an existing room in your home that is comparable in size to the addition you want to build. Measure that room and calculate the square footage.
  • Type of Room – How many electrical outlets will your new room require? A family room, for example, may require more outlets for electronic gadgets, computers, television, or other play things. An office, on the other hand, may require fewer outlets, or outlets that are specifically placed for convenience. Will your new room require any plumbing?
  • Windows – Your new addition must “fit” your home. Windows play a large role in maintaining the outward appearance of your home. If your new addition mirrors the opposite side of your home, you may consider similar window placement to help balance the sides.
  • Doorways – The entryway(s) into your new room should flow seamlessly with the rest of your home. The objective of a home addition is to create the illusion that the room has always been part of the house.

We cannot provide an exact quote without discussing your project in detail. You can calculate a rough estimate on your own by calculating your desired square footage and multiplying it by the low end, and high end, of the national average. Contact us at any time to set up an in home consultation so we can discuss your addition project in detail and give you a reasonable quote.

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