Are You Considering Exterior Modifications to Your Home During 2015?

Mar 17, 2015


Spring is in the air and homeowners across Delaware, Maryland, and Eastern Pennsylvania are planning some fun home modifications for their home this spring and summer. Some of the most easily recognized modifications include new siding, new entry doors, and a new roof. While new siding is a great way to refresh the appearance of your home, today we’re going to talk about easy structural changes you can make for a big change in the appearance of your home.

Gables: The addition of gables or dormers to upstairs rooms provides more room and a window for more design possibilities on the interior of the home. This addition actually serves the same purpose for the exterior of the home. You may choose to accentuate the exterior of the dormers with uniquely shaped windows, a different type of siding than the rest of the home, or a different type of roofing material. Some homeowners choose to use copper or something else that creates a distinctive look for their dormers or gables.

Roofing: You may want to consider accent roofing even if your roofing material is currently in good shape. As previously mentioned, accent roofing materials make a big impact in the way a home looks. You can add accent roofing to your dormers, garage, entryway roof, or any other specific area that you feel needs to draw attention.

Box-in and Cover the Entryway: This idea is particularly appealing to homeowners who order items online and receive packages on a regular basis. A covered porch or entryway is a great place for UPS or FedEx to drop packages off if no one is home. A completely boxed in entryway or stoop is even better because it protects your packages from the elements as well as provides a unique roofing opportunity.

Chimney Refacing: The chimney often gets discolored due to smoke leaving it. It may also become damaged by flying debris during a storm, or because of the weather. Refacing the chimney adds the unique opportunity to decorate with a custom chimney cap and maybe take the opportunity to reline the flue to make your chimney like new again.

Attached Garage: An attached garage is an incredible investment for your property in so many ways. It allows you to add a workbench if you enjoy working on vehicles or woodwork, or some other hobby. You can add a second floor to act as a mother-in-law suite, an apartment for an adult child, or even your own private getaway. Design the layout so that you can enjoy some built-in storage options and declutter the home a bit. Oh, and you can park in it, too.

We’re really looking forward to summer, especially given the winter we had here on the east coast this year. The snow is finally melted away and we’re making plans for a busy building season this spring, summer, and fall. Are you on our build list for 2015? If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss your remodeling ideas, call our Maryland office at 410-877-6112 or our Delaware office at 302-793-9352.

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