Avoid these Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Sep 26, 2017

When done right, a kitchen remodeling job delivers value and beauty to a home. The thing you want to keep in mind is that even with a good plan there are a few things that are outside your control. You might have to deal with a few unexpected issues, deliveries may be late, or there could be price changes that throw off the budget. With these possibilities, you should do all you can to avoid making worse by making some of these common mistakes.

  • Not getting the specs right: there is no way to develop the full scale of the project without getting all the details right. The specs help with the formulation of estimates and the selection of materials. This is one f the most basic ways to communicate to your contractor exactly what your kitchen needs.
  • Choosing the wrong contractor: while there many professionals in the field, there are a few who lack the experience or qualifications to handle this type of job. You need to be sure that anyone doing work in your home is reputable.
  • Getting too DIY excited: the urge to do work on your own home can be hard to resist, but you should resist if the work is beyond your capabilities. This is not the time or the kind of project where you can learn on the job. Experienced contractors can source materials at the right price, and get the job done without costly delays. Contractors also know what building codes will allow.
  • Customizing too much: one of the goals of kitchen remodeling is to get a kitchen that suits your personal tastes. In a bid to get that custom look it is possible to go overboard. You should be mindful of this if you plan to sell the house in the near future. After all, the next owner might decide to redo the kitchen completely. You might also find that a few changes do not suit your needs in a few years.
  • Changing your mind mid-way: this can become frustrating for the contractor and for you. This is why it is best to work out all the details early. Losing sight of the goal can cause delays and drive up labor and material costs. You could soon be over your budget.
  • Taking too long to remodel: if you keep ignoring changing trends year after year, by the time you get around to remodeling, you could find that it is more expensive than you imagined. You don’t have to deal with a limited work space or kitchen clutter. Talk to a contractor and make plans to update.

Kitchen remodeling will not become problematic if there is efficient planning. An awareness of common mistakes can save you both time and money, and increase the chances of getting a spectacular kitchen. Call us at our Maryland office at 410-877-6112 or our Delaware office at 302-793-9352 when you’re ready to start the planning process for your new kitchen.

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