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Jul 17, 2014


People aren’t meant to live in homes that are 100% like every other home in the neighborhood. I know we’ve all seen cartoons and movies that begin with a wide panoramic of a neighborhood where every house, vehicle, and landscape are identical. We usually laugh at that thought, but have you driven around some local neighborhoods lately? Have you noticed how we’re almost there? We’re almost living in that comical fictional neighborhood, because so many home builders use the same cookie-cutter designs.

Break the mold. Call us to schedule a consultation and start designing your custom home. We understand that your homeowners association (HOA) may set certain requirements, but that doesn’t mean your home has to look like every other home in the neighborhood. If you’re not a member of an HOA, the door is open and allows you to blow the roof off of custom home design. Your wish is our command – as long as it’s structurally safe.

Where to Begin

Homeowners often feel overwhelmed when planning to build a custom home. They know what they want, they understand that they need a designer, a builder, a plumber, and an electrician – but who do they contact first? Clashing schedules can cause major delays in the design and build processes. That’s where we come into play.

The Job of a Design Build Firm

Here at Sundance Homes, LLC., we offer a full service design build experience for homeowners living in Maryland, Delaware, and southern Pennsylvania. Your first call will be to schedule a consultation with our designers and builders. Feel free to have pictures of your ideas so we can all start on the same page. Collect pictures of amazing kitchens, luxurious bathrooms, immaculate exteriors, and everything else your heart desires.

We take your images and ideas, and design your home. We’ll come back to you with sketches and images of what your new custom home will look like. When you approve the final draft, we will begin work. Your finished home will be exactly what you wanted and what you’ve dreamt that you would one day own.

One Point of Contact from Start to Finish

We don’t expect you to keep up with who is doing which job for the duration of the design build process. We assign one specific person to manage the entire project so when you speak to the manager, you get a full picture of what’s going on in each stage. The manager’s job is to make sure they know the process inside and out so that they can report back to you. We do ask that you remain available so that if our building crews have any questions, the project manager can contact you for clarification.

Make the Call

That’s all that’s left for you to do. Make the decision to call us to schedule your consultation. Our designers and builders look forward to the challenges that lie ahead. Don’t worry about how out there your ideas may seem; if we can make it happen, we will. Call any time during normal business hours, and we’ll talk.

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