The Best Kitchen Countertops for a Great Decor

Nov 18, 2016


No matter what type or size kitchen you have, the importance of the countertop can never be overstated. This is a meal preparation area, and often serves as space for small appliances, but ultimately the look of the surface is a prime consideration. Here is a list of kitchen countertops as ranked by the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

  • Quartz. If you want a durable countertop that is stain resistant, quartz should be considered. It is so tough that it rarely gets scratched or chipped, so it delivers on the investment.
  • Granite. Tough and attractive, granite can add a stylish look to your kitchen. The mix of minerals ensures that no two countertops are alike. It stands up to hot containers and resists stains when it is sealed.
  • Marble. This is the ultimate in luxury in the eyes of many homeowners. The elegance it offers more than makes up for the cost according to many. It can handle heat, but the porous nature of the material means that it can be stained. So you will always have to be extra careful when working in the kitchen.
  • Solid surface. Synthetic products are not the first choice for those who want a natural looking countertop. However, solid surface is cost effective and highly durable. You can put two pieces together and sand them to make the joining seamless. Solid surface is available in a variety of colors.
  • Wood. Traditional butcher block usually ranks the highest, but other types are used as well. One advantage of wood is that damaged areas can be sanded and refinished to restore the look.
  • Recycled countertops. The use of recycled materials in kitchen remodeling is not the most popular option, but it is gaining traction. A wide variety of materials can be used in this process, such as concrete, wood or glass.
  • Stainless steel. This is a good material for that clean, sleek look. It is easy to clean, and can handle almost anything you throw at it, so you never have to worry about stains.

Choosing your own countertop will be influenced by your kitchen’s decor, and your budget. Of course nothing is wrong with splurging if the countertop you want is a bit outside your budget. It can be a good idea to discuss your options with your kitchen contractor.

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