Roofing: Not Your Average DIY Project

Roofing isn’t exactly what most people would consider a DIY home improvement project. Roof work is dangerous, hot, sweaty, and exhausting work. Roof replacement can be expensive, so it isn’t something you want to repeat every few years. Do yourself and your home a favor …

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Prepare Your Deck or Porch for Increased Traffic

Spring and summer are always busy seasons because everyone loves warm weather. Everyone also loves to go indoors during very hot weather, so your porch or deck needs to be able to withstand the increased foot traffic these seasons bring. Today I’m going to discuss …

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Energy Efficiency Begins with New Windows

Every homeowner looks for ways to reduce energy bills. Some choose to install an alternative energy source, and some look to their windows and appliances to increase the efficiency of their home. If you’re leaning toward window replacement, you’ve come to the right spot. I’m …

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Is Your Deck Ready for Summer?

The deck and patio are among the most popular summer hangouts for families and friends. Not many things compare to good food, good company, and a nice cold beverage on a hot day. Is your deck ready for the rigors of summer? If you answer …

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8 Reasons to Consider Replacing the Windows in Your Home

One of the first things homeowners notice when it comes time to replace the windows is an increase in energy bills. If your home is difficult to heat and cool, or you’re constantly seeing your energy bills increase, it’s probably time to consider replacing your …

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