Can You Afford to Design and Build a Custom Home?

Sep 16, 2014


Many people have a dream house in mind but fears about being able to afford a custom home keep them from moving beyond just that; a dream. However, with the right custom home designer, it is possible to get the home you really want. The expert carpenters here at Sundance Custom Homes, LLC, in Earleville, Maryland are always ready to take on the next challenging custom home.

If you plan to build from scratch, you should have an idea of the location, the kind of house you want, and of course, how much you can realistically afford. Some people actually dismantle their existing home and build on the land they already own. This way, they can avoid the extra cost of having to buy land elsewhere, and they save on building materials at the same time.

The kind of house you can build will depend on a lot of factors such as the size of your family or your future family plans. Do you want a farmhouse style home, something more Victorian-era, or will you be building a modern house with lots of technological gadgets? This decision will determine the cost of the building project.

You will also need to decide how you will fund the building of the house. If you will need a mortgage to build, you should get preapproval early so you know what you can truly afford. This information will guide your discussions with your designer as to what features you will be able to have. 

Choosing a Designer

One of the most important aspects of a custom house building project is choice of designer. Apart from getting recommendations from others, you can also search online. Visit the websites of custom home designers and look at some of work they have done. Pictures that appeal to you may inspire you to come up with ideas for your own house. Your local home builders’ association should have a list of builders you can contact.

Ask the designer for a list of recently completed houses, and drive by if possible to take a look. Some builders may be able to get the homeowner’s permission for you to take a tour of the house; the homeowner is likely very proud of their new home, after all. Find out if the designer offers a warranty and what it covers. This can be a big part of the decision-making process.

Do not be swayed by price alone, as more expensive designers are not necessarily the better ones. However, if the price is lower than the average range, it should also raise concern. While it will be more expensive, the good thing about building a custom home using a professional team is that you will be getting what you really want. Ultimately, you will be happy with the choices you made. Here at Sundance Custom Homes, LLC, we offer the perfect combination of price, quality, and experience.

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