Can Base Cabinets Help Your Kitchen or Bathroom Layout?

Oct 19, 2015


Space and storage are two big issues for homeowners, and these play big roles in the planning of home renovation projects. This is especially true for the kitchen and the bathroom, the two areas highest on the list of improvement priorities for homeowners. Base cabinets can address storage needs while meeting aesthetic needs as well.

As the name suggests this is the lower part of a main cabinet but they can also have no upper section as is the case with bathrooms and kitchens. In kitchens, a base cabinet does a lot of work; it holds the weight of the countertop and can serve as a food preparation area or to rest small appliances and other items. Naturally, the inside will provide storage space.

In the bathroom a base cabinet does not need to support much weight, but the surface will come in contact with various products. Most people add a small countertop with a basin or bowl sink. Bathroom cabinets are usually much simpler in design and function.

You can get your base cabinets custom built, but it also possible to purchase ready-made types. If you need one for your bathroom sink, the dimensions could make it difficult to get the size you need, but it is not impossible. The design usually includes two doors below one or two drawers. Inside there may be one or two shelves. Whether you will install it in the kitchen or bathroom, the finish must be able to withstand water.

Many modern countertops are made using heavier materials so the base must be strong enough to take the weight. This is one of the main reasons why some people choose to use custom built cabinets since it provides more control over these important aspects. Aside from serving as storage, base cabinets also do the following:

  • Support wall ovens
  • Provide a spot for the kitchen sink
  • Work as part of a kitchen island

Kitchen base cabinets can factor prominently into your floor plan. They can run along one wall for example, or you could choose an L shape. Before installing cabinets, you should have a clear idea of your storage needs.

These kinds of cabinets can be ideal for people who move around in wheelchairs since they can keep things within easy reach. On the other hand, they are not the best option for elderly people who can walk around but have difficulty bending. Keep these factors in consideration when talking to us about installing base cabinets.

Keep our incredible builders at Sundance Homes, LLC in mind when you are ready to plan your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. We will help you choose the best base cabinets as well as upper cabinets, furniture, or appliances you need for each room. Call us at our Maryland office at 410-877-6112 or our Delaware office at 302-793-9352, or feel free to call or text our cell at 443-309-1206 any time to schedule an appointment for a consultation or to discuss your current project in detail.

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