1. Check Out These 7 Hidden Storage Options for the Kitchen

      Storage is the number-one reason most people want to remodel the kitchen. They don’t feel like they’re making the most of the space available, and it’s true for most homes built in the 1990s. 90s kitchens are generally large rooms filled with standard cabinetry and little-to-no customiz…Read More

  2. 8 Things You Must Keep in Mind for Basement Remodeling in 2016

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  3. Water in Your Basement? Here’s Where it May be Coming From

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  4. Remodeling a Basement? Don’t Skip the Subfloor!

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  5. Five Things to Think About Before Installing Recessed Lighting

      Recessed lighting can add a luxurious look to any type of decor, giving it a customized feel. Many people appreciate the fact that they are unobtrusive and the fact that they can effectively provide spot lighting. As appealing as they are, they are not for everyone, and there are good reasons…Read More

  6. Can Base Cabinets Help Your Kitchen or Bathroom Layout?

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  7. Choosing Between Oil and Latex Based Wood Stains

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  8. A Kitchen Bump Out: A Different Kind of Addition

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  9. Roofing Issues You Shouldn’t Overlook

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  10. A Guide for Building a House after the Plans Are Drawn

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