1. The Peace of Mind That Comes From Whole Home Generators

      Power is an important aspect of your home’s longevity. You need to have electricity coming through at all times, even if you’re asleep. When you’re asleep, you want your refrigerator to stay on, your technology to charge, and exterior lighting to shine light on movement and more. When y…Read More

  2. Redefining the Basement

      Your mind doesn’t always conjure a lot of positive images when you talk about finishing the basement. Many people think about basements as murky, dark, and humid places. They can definitely be ominous, especially in the hands of a good movie director. However, real life is not always an emu…Read More

  3. Fixing Roof Damage after Storms Rip Roofing Apart

      No matter how confident you are in your home’s structure, Mother Nature may come through and knock things down a peg. It’s hard to gauge the destruction that can come from the storms that can come through. One of the biggest issues that homeowners feel during hurricane season is that of l…Read More

  4. Creating Usable Space within Your Basement

      Basements aren’t usually finished by the home building contractor. They are left alone, dark, and dreary. Most general contractors provide a concrete floor with support posts, but they rarely finish building out the basement unless the homeowner requests it specifically. That’s where we c…Read More

  5. Utilizing Your Square Footage Effectively

      It happens all the time – prospective home buyers become homeowners. The thrill lasts for years at times, but there is always an issue that most don’t think about on day one, space. The square footage of your home may be solid. You may find that it is fine at first. However, if your famil…Read More

  6. The Front Door Changeover

      One of the coolest aspects of remodeling is that you aren’t limited to just one area of your home. As you start to look at ways you can improve and change your home, consider the front door and entry way. This is one of the most overlooked areas during renovations and remodeling. The reason…Read More

  7. Modify the Cramped Floor Plan in Your Ranch Style Home

      Traditional ranch style homes feel very compartmentalized. There are individual rooms for living, dining, cooking, playing, and sleeping. While many of us love the look and feel of a ranch home, we begin to feel a bit claustrophobic after some time in one. Today we’re going to talk about wa…Read More

  8. Letting More Light in – Let’s Talk Windows

      Do you love everything about your home except the placement or style of the windows? Changing the windows isn’t nearly as difficult as many homeowners are lead to believe. If you feel that you aren’t getting enough natural light in various areas of the home or that the insulation value ne…Read More

  9. Window Design Ideas – More Than Light

      People look at standard windows as if they are all the same. Most people assume that windows are just a matter of letting light in, and allowing you to have a bit of a contrast in and out of the home. It’s always a nice thing to have, but design goes beyond the utility of treatments and gla…Read More

  10. Home Siding Can Take On Many Forms

      There’s a great number of options that you can consider when you start to renovate, remodel, and update your home’s exterior. Often times, people assume that there are only one or two options. That’s not the case at all. You can get a good push forward with a great deal of solutions, in…Read More