Changing Entry Doors – Creating an Alluring Starting Point

May 19, 2015


The front door is an easy thing to overlook. It’s often a matter of utility. Even when you paint it, and change the look of it from the outside, it can become dull. If you’re looking into renovations, consider changing the entry way, by focusing on the various styles that are found with entry door changes. Remodeling your entry point is a great option to jump into. If you’re not sure how to get the most out of this, consider the following ideas. These simple changes can illuminate your front entrance and give your home more value, as well as curb appeal.

Tall Wooden Doors

Your entry way doesn’t have to be standard. You don’t have to just have a standard door. Consider heavy woods that are elongated. Taller wooden doors accented with door handles that harken back to Spanish or Mexican influence can definitely change things up. The front entry can transform into something that speaks volumes from the curb to your interior.

Heavy Wood and Arches

Take the notion of heavy hardwood, stained a bit dark, and then accent it with glass windows at each side, and arched windows on top. Framing the front entrance with glass is definitely a solid solution to move forward. Accent the wooden front door with glass and stone walk ups can definitely change the way your front entry looks. Tie this together with lighting fixtures that match the hardware of your door and you have a great design solution as well as utility design.

Mondrian Design

For modernist design, consider square doors that are split into sections. Whether you use glass and wooden frames, or you have an all wooden door that moves on several hinges, this can definitely be an alluring idea. You’ll want to consider opening up the whole entry way. Your entryway will not only have a much larger entry point, it will also have a wider opening. From the curb to your first steps into your home, which will look grand.

Patience in Design

Take a step back and consider the aforementioned entry door solutions. The entry ways that you can have don’t have to sit within the above. When you hire a good contractor and designer, you will be able to explore the many different options that are available. There is no “one” way to do this. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to changing this up. Whether you want double doors, glass framed heavy wooden doors, taller wood options, or something simple and plain, you can transform the entry doors with many design elements. The above reflect some of the ways that you can get creative, but it doesn’t end there. Inspiration may come through a variety of options, so be patient.

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