Check Out These 7 Hidden Storage Options for the Kitchen

Dec 23, 2015


Storage is the number-one reason most people want to remodel the kitchen. They don’t feel like they’re making the most of the space available, and it’s true for most homes built in the 1990s. 90s kitchens are generally large rooms filled with standard cabinetry and little-to-no customization. The early 2000s ushered in a period in which homeowners began requesting more customization options such as fully custom cabinetry and storage. Here are seven great, somewhat-hidden, storage options for the kitchen.

  1. Toe-Kick Drawers: You may be impressed with the amount of space that is currently not used in that six inch area around the base of the kitchen cabinets. Toe-kick drawers are the perfect size for cake pans and baking dishes up to three inches tall, or to store the mountain of boxes of aluminum foil and saran wrap.
  2. Pullout Shelving: The average cabinet simply opens and has shelving for you to store dishes or food items. Many people have a difficult time seeing or reaching back into the darker corners of cabinets, so some food items end up going stale or bad before they’re remembered. Pullout shelving eliminates that issue.
  3. Pullout Chopping Board: Everyone needs a good cutting board, and they tend to take up space. You can store it in toe-kick drawers quite easily, or install it as a pull-out utility item for the kitchen. It can even act as a small area of added countertop space if needed.
  4. Pullout Spice Racks: Spices generally arrive in small containers that get pushed to the back of a cabinet when they’re not in use. This becomes a problem when we need a specific spice, but due to disorganization, we think we don’t have it. We buy more and add to the clutter. A pullout spice rack helps prevent this issue and can be installed in any small space.
  5. Pullout Knife Block: Knives are essentially a sharp, dangerous utensil used for food preparation. Most accidental cuts in the home occur in the kitchen when someone is using a knife to split or peel something. Some cuts occur as we reach into the silverware drawer to get a utensil and accidentally brush across a knife in the process. A pullout knife block helps prevent these types of accidents while storing knives safely away from children.
  6. Pullout Trash and Recycling Bins: No one likes walking into the kitchen and seeing the trash can or the recycling bin. Pullout bins can be easily hidden in a space the size of the average kitchen cabinet.
  7. Vertical Storage: The area behind the kitchen cabinet doors is usually overlooked when it can become a very functional part of the kitchen. It can become storage for lightweight things like lids and boxes of aluminum foil or saran wrap without putting too much weight on the hinges and causing problems.

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