How to Choose a Bathroom Design

Jul 20, 2017

The bathroom is a very important room and if it is the master bathroom, most homeowner wants it to make a statement. Knowing what you want and then choosing the design elements are important. Design here is not just the size and layout, but also the fixtures and cabinets to create a complete look. 

Some modern looks to consider when design a new bathroom or renovating an existing one includes:

  • Plan the layout: Design your bathroom using the size and placement of the tub or bath and the storage units and the vanity and mirror. When selecting the tub, make sure to avoid a common mistake by getting the right size tub. 
  • Minimizing objects that protrude from the walls: Protrusions take away from available space, so instead of a toilet rack or bar, us an alcove or space inside the wall to place your towel. If you like having magazines in your bathroom, create a built-in storage for this as well. You could also place your towel rack behind the door instead of on the wall. 
  • The toilet: If you are renovating, repositioning the toilet can be an expensive endeavor so thing it through before completing the bathroom design. However, depending on space and what you want, it may be necessary to do this. Depending on space, your options can include placing the toilet behind a half wall to hide it from view. You could also place it behind the door or even enclose it entirely. 
  • The right storage: Using space carefully is important in your bathroom. If you have less space than you would like, make design choices with storage in mind. For example, even if you like pedestal basins, you are better served by putting in a basin that will allow for storage beneath it. 
  • The right finishes: Choosing the right tile, lighting and plumbing fixtures are also an important part of the process. Lighting choices for the bathroom include a task light for putting on makeup, combing your hair and shaving. If you have a painting or other artwork or plant in your bathroom that you want to show off, accent light is perfect. 

The plumbing fixtures must also be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the color choices, you can choose from a wide array of material. You should look at the style of basin, tub or bath you have to help in making a decision on fixtures. Popular choices are bronze, brass, gold and aluminum. Ask yourself questions such as the whether you need a single or double handle faucet.  

Whatever design you plan will depend on the size of your family and their ages. The physical condition of people who live in the house will also play a role. With everyone been so busy these days, the bathroom should not only look good but should be easy to clean. Here at Sundance Homes, we strive to make the remodeling process as smooth as possible. We provide all types of remodeling services in Earleville and the surrounding area. Call us at our Maryland office at 410-877-6112 or our Delaware office at 302-793-9352 to discuss remodeling your bathroom with us.

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