Choose the Best Shower Head for Your Remodeled Bathroom

Apr 22, 2018


Everyone loves spending time in the shower, but were you aware that your time in there can be improved with the right type of shower head? Instead of standing under a single stream of water, you can stand under water that feels like a rain shower or have water spraying at you from all angles. Take it a step further by installing a color-changing shower head to give your shower a more mystical or fantasy appearance.

Here are the 4 best shower heads that you can choose from for your remodeled bathroom:

  1. Wall Mounted Shower Head: A wall mounted shower head is the most common choice for many people and they are quite easy to install. These shower heads are not boring though, because you can add extra features that include mists, sprays, and adjustable nozzles.
  2. Handheld Shower Head: Handheld shower heads are perfect for those who want to control where they are spraying the water. They can be taken down to spray hard to reach body parts, shower children, and even clean the shower. These shower heads are just as simple to install as wall mounted shower heads.
  3. Body Sprays: Body sprays will offer you a luxurious experience in your shower. The body sprays are installed in vertical rows on the walls of your shower, but you will want to have them placed in areas that will work for everyone that will be using them. Taller people will need them in different places than shorter people.
  4. Top Mounted Shower Head: A top mounted shower head is placed exactly where you think that it would be, directly over where you stand in the shower. These shower heads provide a rain shower experience in your very own bathroom. Top mounted shower heads are a little more difficult to install and normally need to be completed during a complete bathroom renovation, because upgrades need to be done on the existing plumbing. However, they are wonderful additions to any bathroom and will make you feel like you are in a spa instead of your own shower.

If you have been considering replacing your shower head, then you will want to consider these four options. You won’t be disappointed when your showering experience turns from so-so to phenomenal and life-changing. Be prepared to face the day from a better angle when you’ve changed the angle of your showerhead.

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