How to Choose a New Roof for Your Home

Apr 24, 2017


Selecting a roof is always a crucial process whether you replacing one or building a new home. Technology has produced stronger roofs that last longer, with materials that include slate, asphalt, clay tiles and composite shingles. Homeowners have found that neither the style nor the material choice is simple. Effective installation will help you to get the most years from your roof, but you should never ignore maintenance. The following information should help in finding the perfect roof for your home.

The Pricing

Since roofing never takes a one-size-fits-all approach, working out the cost is not an easy process. A variety of factors come into play to determine what your final estimate will look like. The overall cost for the roof of a newly built house can end up being cheaper than a replacement roof for an existing home. Roof damage often leads to leaks which can affect the underlying support structure, and this will need to be repaired or replaced. Factors which influence the cost of a roof include the size, shape, the way different sections intersect and the number of chimneys it will accommodate. Your roof design may incorporate a skylight or other features which will increase the price, not just for materials but for the installation as well.

Choosing Material

The style and slope of your roof are integral to the choice of material. Another thing to note is that some materials will make a roof too heavy for some types of homes.

  • In some areas building codes rule out this material due to the fire risk, but otherwise it is suitable for many different homes. They can last for up to 25 years with proper maintenance.
  • Asphalt shingle. The popularity of this material rests on the easy installation and relatively low cost. It comes in two basic types, laminated shingles and standard shingles which are thinner. The laminated types cost more, but they are more attractive and they last more than ten years longer.
  • This is the most expensive option, but its longevity makes it worth the money. The highest quality slate can last for up to one hundred years or more. It is very heavy, so it will not work for some homes.
  • This is also attractive and is often used with colonial or Spanish influenced designs. It is a strong material but too heavy for some structures.

As mentioned earlier, installation is key to getting the most from your roof. Some installers have little experience with some types of roofing materials. If you are building a house and you want a slate or tile roof, the structure must be able to accommodate the weight. Someone who is replacing a roof may have to rule out those options, and choose a new roof that is similar to the old one. Call us at 410-877-6112 or 302-793-9352 to an experienced contractor about your roofing options to get one that is within your price range and that will hold up under our area’s unique weather conditions.

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