Considering a Wintertime Basement Refinishing Project? Read this First!

Sep 21, 2016


Winter can be the perfect time for indoor remodeling projects. When the weather turns cold and wet, we’re often relegated to tons of time inside the house, and the itch for something new can be common. A basement refinishing project can be the perfect thing to busy us and provide something to look forward to during the winter months. Here are a few ideas for creating your ideal basement space.

Start With Layout

Since many basements are underutilized and fairly open, you’re probably starting with a blank slate. This also means nearly limitless possibilities for how to proceed. The perfect basement refinishing project begins with a fantastic layout. If your basement gets natural light, the area where it’s strongest is the best spot for socializing. If you’re going for a media room, place any TV or viewing zone in an area that’s darker or where you can limit light.

Inspect and Fix

Once you’ve got the perfect layout planned, you’ll want to do some inspecting before you begin. Test for moisture in your basement to see if you need the foundation re-sealed or the basement needs de-humidifying. If the basement is unfinished, walls and floors should be checked for rot and insect damage, and floor joists checked for sagging. Be sure that you have functional sump pumps and that waterproofing is all in good order.

Building Basement Walls

If you’re framing out new walls or adding partition walls to your basement, be sure to put them in sparingly. Place walls between columns to turn support posts into design elements for your space. If you’re looking for room separation without isolation, consider half-wall dividers or walls with window cut-outs to make the space feel more open.

Choose the Right Flooring

If you’re worried about moisture, vinyl flooring can be a great option. From faux tile to realistic wood grain, vinyl comes in a variety of designs to customize your space. If moisture isn’t a concern and you’re going for something cozy, consider plush carpeting.

Ample Lighting

Basements are often one of the darkest spaces in a home. Some basements have natural light, but some don’t. Recessed cans can be a great option for basement lighting, as they don’t take up extra space in an area of the home that often comes with lower than average ceilings. You can also use wall mounted sconces to create mood lighting that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

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