Creating the Right Backsplash for Your Kitchen

Nov 27, 2017


When you decide to remodel your kitchen, you will face a lot of choices to get the right look. The backsplash might not seem like one of the biggest choices, but the wrong type can throw off the look of the space. This is a big detail, and you should fully explore your options before committing. Here are some pointers that will help you to get the right type to keep your kitchen’s design balanced.

  • This aspect of backsplash style is one of the first things you will have to think about. A colorful backsplash can work with a neutral kitchen, but this depends on all the colors involved. A colorful backsplash can be an eye catcher, but it can also get attention for all the wrong reasons. Some of the colors should balance with the main kitchen color scheme, or some of the colors in the backsplash should be reflected in the overall palette.
  • Each type of material has its own distinctive look and color that can contribute to the overall design. So while your personal taste is important, pay some attention to the kind of theme you want. Tile, due to the extensive options, gives you a lot of flexibility, and it is cost effective. Brick is ideal for a rustic, homespun look. Marble is a good choice for a luxury backsplash.
  • The style. Choosing a backsplash allows you to add another creative feature to your kitchen. You can think, not just about the shape of the backsplash itself, but also the shape of the tiles. The patterns of the tiles or any other type of material is essential to getting the right look for your kitchen. If your kitchen utilizes a lot of sleek lines, curved or irregular shaped tiles might create too strong a contrast. So while you will want to be creative, it is best to tread lightly.
  • Balance with the countertops. Since these two features generally meet, they should effectively complement each other. It does not have to match the countertop in terms of color, texture or even material, but it should not cause a visual clash. A safe step is to use neutral tones for the backsplash. For a burst of visual style, choose interesting patterns or install tiles at an angle.
  • Watch the budget. Like every other design decision, your choice of backsplash is largely dependent on how much you can spend. If you want to save money, tiles can give you a luxury look for less. You can use simple tiles with more elaborate pieces as accents for strong visual that won’t stretch your kitchen remodeling budget.

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