Creating Usable Space within Your Basement

Jul 20, 2015


Basements aren’t usually finished by the home building contractor. They are left alone, dark, and dreary. Most general contractors provide a concrete floor with support posts, but they rarely finish building out the basement unless the homeowner requests it specifically. That’s where we come into play here at Sundance Homes. We’re ready and willing to help you design the basement you need to fit the home and lifestyle you have.

Oftentimes the basement has a unique smell due to underutilization. In many homes, they are left with just some waterproofing and a few lights. They can be used to store boxes, old clothing, Christmas ornaments, and much more. There’s nothing wrong with having your basement as a storage area if you need climate controlled storage for your rarely-used items, but if you want something more, and would like to transform the basement, you could definitely do so by converting it into a much more eclectic area.

For Entertainment Purposes

One idea that you may want to consider is the notion of having a full scale entertainment area. For movie fans, this becomes an amazing idea, and solution. Think about setting up some nice recliners, and setting up a projector with a nice sound system. Who needs a movie theater, when you could easily convert a basement into your own private silver screened room? With the advancement in technology, you could even play 3-D movies in your home, and have it seem as though you were at a drive in, or your standard multiplex.

Additional Living Areas

For those that have a growing family, multiple children could easily outgrow sharing rooms and bunk beds. When that happens, the basement becomes a life saver. You could easily space rooms out, or create a large room for the oldest child you have, and you can even sound proof it if they play drums or something along those lines. Finishing the basement and converting it into fully realized living areas is a great way to add additional bedrooms, and even bathroom elements to your home, without building upwards and outwards.

Waterproofing is Just the Start

Creating usable space within your basement starts with waterproofing. The reason many people cycle through options of finishing these often overlooked areas is because it can help with water proofing, insulation, and much more. When you’re buying a home and you have this additional square footage, there’s no reason to dismiss it as just a storage area. You can transform it into something that will pay off in terms of value, enjoyment, entertainment, and much more. Your home can realize full potential, and if you ever sell it, you can ask for more money as a result.

A finished basement can elevate property value to all new levels, especially if it increases the bedroom count. It starts with waterproofing, however, and that’s never a bad idea when it comes to the lower levels of your home. We would be happy to show you how we can design your basement to nearly double the effective square footage of your home.

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to designing finished basements. Don’t assume that you just have one or two ideas, as you can truly remodel, renovate, and create just about any concept, when working with a professional.

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