Energy Efficiency Begins with New Windows

Apr 21, 2014

Replacement Windows

Every homeowner looks for ways to reduce energy bills. Some choose to install an alternative energy source, and some look to their windows and appliances to increase the efficiency of their home. If you’re leaning toward window replacement, you’ve come to the right spot. I’m going to discuss the warning signs of inefficient windows and replacement options today.

Inefficient Windows

Obvious Signs of Wear – Windows aren’t a forever part of the home. They are a working part of the home, so they wear over time. Seals begin to break down from the moment you use your windows. They must be replaced when they become obviously worn, warped, cracked, or otherwise ineffective at keeping the outside out and inside in.

Damaged Caulking and Weather stripping – Caulk is the rubbery-feeling material around the window that prevents air leaks around the perimeter of the window. It becomes dried out over time and must be replaced. Weather stripping may be made of a variety of substances, usually rubber, and it seals the tracks that the window uses to open and close. They must be replaced over time.

Single Paned Glass – Windows in older homes or in historic neighborhoods may still have single paned windows. The term single paned means exactly what it sounds like; the glass in the window is a single sheet of glass. There is no insulation to keep outside temperatures from coming inside.

Security Risks – Old windows are not secure. They may lock, but they are very easily broken. They pose a security risk for your home and its inhabitants.

Increase the Efficiency of Your New Windows

New windows are just the beginning of your journey to energy efficiency. Here are a few more tips to help reduce your energy bills.

Window Shades or Blinds – Replacing old or worn windows is only the first step in creating a more energy efficient household. Install white window shades or blinds to reflect heat away from the home.

Window Sun Screens – Window sun screens are typically installed on the outside of your windows. They are designed to filter out the sun’s damaging rays to help protect your furnishings from sun damage. They leave a clear view of the outside from inside your home, but act as a privacy screen from the outside. You can choose from several shades to complement your home’s decor.

Replacing your appliances is, of course, a very common way to reduce your energy bills. But today’s discussion included primarily windows. Stay tuned as we develop the blog and include many more ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Remember, most home improvement projects that involve improving the efficiency of your home are eligible for tax credits. So don’t let the idea of the initial investment slow you down.

Call us here at Sundance in the Cecil County, Maryland, and New Castle County, Delaware area. We’d love to discuss your window problems with you and help you increase the energy efficiency of your home.

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