Examining the Pros and Cons of a Modular Kitchen

Oct 23, 2017

It is a sad fact that new homes are not as big as they used to be. This means that the owners have to come up with creative ways to make the most of their space. The use of modular kitchens is one idea that is catching on. This concept is affordable and it helps each person to shape the space to his or her liking. A modular kitchen utilizes various premade components that you can put together to get something that is close to the look and functionality you want. 

The Advantages

  • It does not take long to assemble the pieces, and you can pull them down to make changes or to move to a new home.
  • A variety of colors, styles and patterns are available so it is not too difficult to control the look of the kitchen.
  • If there is damage to one section you can replace it without affecting the overall look.
  • Depending on the type you choose you might be able to install it yourself.

The Disadvantages

  • They make good space savers, but that does not mean that modular kitchens can’t be expensive. To get the best look and finish the products may be more costly than those built by carpenters.
  • Modular kitchens can decrease your design options, so you may have to go with the best fit, rather than the look you actually want. You can sometimes mix and match modular pieces, but they do not offer the full customizability that you can get when you have a kitchen built for you.
  • These pieces generally require more maintenance than traditional kitchens. You will have to clean them frequently and they may be more susceptible to wear from the kitchen environment. Getting the most durable types may mean spending more than you had originally planned.

While the modular kitchen can be useful, you are not restricted to using these pieces even if you have limited space. Cabinets that are made based on the specs in your design plans can actually help you to make better use of your space. There is also an obvious visual difference between custom build cabinets and even modular pieces that are of the highest quality.

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