Five Things to Think About Before Installing Recessed Lighting

Oct 19, 2021

Recessed lighting can add a luxurious look to any type of decor, giving it a customized feel. Many people appreciate the fact that they are unobtrusive and the fact that they can effectively provide spotlighting. As appealing as they are, they are not for everyone, and there are good reasons why you should think carefully before getting them installed.

The Cost

It would be nice if every aspect of home renovation was readily affordable but some things, like recessed lighting can prove to be expensive. In fact, the cost is one of the biggest reasons why a homeowner should really think before giving the go ahead on this project. Traditional lighting tends to be cheaper, so they will help you to keep your renovation costs in line.

Installation Challenges

It is more difficult to install recessed lights than traditional types. The process involves a lot of cutting out holes that are of the same size. Putting them in the ceiling can be even more challenging than working along a wall. The holes must be cut to precision, and on top of that they will have to be properly sealed to protect the lights.


The permanence of these lights makes them a drawback for some homeowners, especially if they decide on another remodel soon after. Whereas traditional lighting fixtures can be easily moved and the hole sealed, the same is not true for recessed lights. For one thing, there will be more holes to seal, so it may be necessary to replace an entire ceiling or wall. So whenever you make any changes to your home’s interior, you will have to keep the lighting as it is. It can also be difficult to find replacement bulbs since they are different from traditional types.

Moisture Exposure

Recessed lights in areas where moisture is constantly present will always be at risk. Even a small space in the seal can cause moisture to enter and lead to mold growth. In some instances, it could also lead to an electrical short. If you will put recessed lighting in these areas, ensure that your contractor is licensed and experienced. This contractor can make the necessary recommendations on which products are best for rooms where moisture might be a problem.


It can be tricky to work around recessed lights to put in insulation. The time this will take could add to your overall renovation costs. This is more than the basic insulation job so it will need an expert to get it done properly. Some types of recessed lights should not come in contact with insulation as the heat will pose a fire hazard.

None of this should put you off if you want recessed lighting and you have the right contractor and plan. As long as you understand the potential difficulties, it will be easier to avoid them. Call us at our Maryland office at 410-877-6112 or our Delaware office at 302-793-9352, or feel free to call or text our cell at 443-309-1206 any time to schedule an appointment for a consultation or to discuss your current project in detail.

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