Five Ways to Create Your Dream Kitchen 

Jul 20, 2017

Most homeowners are especially proud of their kitchen. This room holds special significance for many reasons. For one, this is also one of the few rooms in a house that has to be utilitarian as well as pleasant and attractive.

The following six steps can help you create a dream kitchen that you will want o show off to visitors to your home. 

Decide on Style: Before you can have your dream kitchen, you need to know the space you are working with and your budget. Once these are determined, you will know if there are any limitations to bear in mind. These could include less space to accommodate the exact design you would like. 

The Right Color: As with any color in your house, the color of your kitchen is important. You need to use paint that can be easily cleaned with water and a little soap. That means oil paint is important. For your work you need colors that do not ready show dirt and oil marks. 

White has always been a popular color for the kitchen as it gives a nice clean and antiseptic look and feel. Bright lively colors such as orange, red, blue, green and yellow also works well in the kitchen. If you want to be really creative, use patterns by stencil designs onto the wall or even wallpaper with trendy designs. 

Backsplash: This is your focus point and you want to be bold and really bring attention this area. This is where you can really let your creativity run wild. Whatever color or style backsplash you choose should work to complement or contrast with your countertop since the countertop will be right up against the backsplash. Mix tiles and color to bring the countertops and cabinets together. 

Fixtures: Plumbing fixtures should work with the color of the kitchen. Gold, brass, bronze and a mixture of these three can be used to give a kitchen a classy and trendy look.

The Storage: Every kitchen needs lots of space to store pots and pans and food stuff. The types of storage you use will make a big difference. Go to the ceiling and use up available space. This also means adding cabinets above the window. Of course, you will need to have a handy ladder ready. 

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you want it to be someplace where you enjoy being. Putting in the effort to get the right colors, tiles, countertops and appliances work together for that finished look that you will be happy to have. 

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