Fixing Roof Damage after Storms Rip Roofing Apart

Jul 20, 2015


No matter how confident you are in your home’s structure, Mother Nature may come through and knock things down a peg. It’s hard to gauge the destruction that can come from the storms that can come through. One of the biggest issues that homeowners feel during hurricane season is that of leaking roofs, tears, breaks, and damage that is caused by the high winds, and strong rain storms. When damage hits your home, you are not without options, you have to look at calling Sundance Homes in Maryland to focus on fixing spots, and even replacing roofing.

Focusing on the Problem First

First and foremost, you’ll need an inspection. Sure, you may see that shingles are on the ground, you may see spots that have been blown apart, and you may even start to see a leak in your roof. However, there may be a bigger issue, which is why it’s not recommended to scale your roof and start trying to troubleshoot. Instead, call a professional so that the leaks can be isolated, so that a proper fix can be implemented properly.

Replacing the Roof

Replacing the roof can cost a great deal, if you just throw out everything and start from scratch. Not everyone needs a full roof replacement, but if the storms damage tiling and shingles to the point where leaks are all over, a replacement will be needed. Often times, the reason why a replacement is needed after storms is because the roof wasn’t up to code, or reinforced to take on high winds. It’s imperative that repairs and replacements focus on updating everything to code, because that will give you a standard of confidence that is definitely important overall.

The Storms Will Never Stop

Some homeowners have their roofing in place and nothing happens; the roof is strong storm after storm. The storms come through and their roofing stays put, the winds shove shingles and it seems like things are problematic, but nothing occurs as a result. When the hurricane season is over, get an inspection, just to make sure. Even if the stormy weather does nothing to the roof, make sure that you’re not folding your hands. Hire a professional to look at inspecting the roof to see if there’s tension or cracks that could cave in in the future.

Stormy weather may take a year off, or at least diminish in power. If one year the storms aren’t powerful, take that time to get your roofing straightened out, because next year a powerful weather system could form. We fully understand how those east coast hurricanes can become weak and then pick up volume again. Never underestimate a hurricane or a strong thunderstorm.

It’s wise to have roofing inspected annually, repairs done properly, and code adhered to. Give us a call to make sure that you have peace of mind when storms start up. You never know when Mother Nature’s wrath touches down, but at least you can be prepared ahead of time.



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