Get the Most out of Your Home: Utilizing Wasted Space

Apr 17, 2015


The number one complaint most people have about their home (whether renters or owners)? “There’s just not enough space.” Certainly it can feel that way, but before you decide that it’s the absolute truth, spend a little time hunting for the space you may be overlooking. You’d be surprised how those inches add up and when you’re finished making the most of all of them you might find yourself in a whole new home.

Think Multi-function

The easiest (maybe not the cheapest) way to maximize your space is to double-up on its function. Purchase furniture with built-in storage. Every hollow space in a breakfast nook, under a table, under a sink, can potentially be converted to a closet or pantry. These options are great DIY projects, as all they require is a bit of creativity, some slight ingenuity, and modest skill with your household tool kit. Or, if that’s not your style, start trolling the internet for clever, fun, creative space saving solutions that might match your home and motif. Everything from multi-purpose storage to nifty storage devices can be found on the internet in every style, and to meet nearly every budget.

Use every Inch

This one can be tricky, but if you pull it off you’ll really open up your living space while adding storage space. Let’s start with the obvious, shelving. Shelves are functional and decorative (when we treat them with respect) and as long as they are not overloaded, they offer a variety of depth, color, shadow, and shape for the eye. They can greatly enrich wall space. In fact, adding richness to your walls will frequently make the space look bigger.

People have the misconception that bare walls make a place seem bigger, when in reality it’s a sense of depth and contrast that we really crave. Shelves can act as a motif in their own right. Not so sure? Take the risk to shelve-out a bathroom or spare bedroom or den. Get creative in the layout and design. Consider long, single shelves for those spaces above doors and windows. Vary your layout, shape, and distribution.

Next, tactfully stock your shelves with books and interesting knick-knacks to create a fun, eye-catching and functional alternative a cabinets and other closed storage. The other way to maximize space is to use it where you find it. Don’t just throw stuff under the stairs. Instead create a useable space under there.

Consider pullout or roll-out cabinets or drawers to keep the space neat, useful, and organized. This is another space where you can install shelving, but some people prefer the clean lines of a closed-off space. Either way, don’t let it go to waste.


Redecorate, redesign, and replace. That old bulky loveseat isn’t doing anything for you. Get a smaller more streamlined piece of furniture that serves the same purpose (or multi-purpose). Instead of end tables consider something more like a night stand, this provides additional out-of-sight storage. Replace large chests and other bulky, on-the-ground containers with vertical storage options like hutches, cabinets, and shelving. The idea is to create a flow of space, and light that displays your room rather than obscuring it.

With a fine-tuned eye, and a bit of practice, you’ll start to see opportunities everywhere you look to eliminate clutter and maximize the space you have. You’ll see once you start experimenting; saving space can become addictive. Enjoy learning to see your living space in a whole new light. And you’ll finally have enough space to enjoy the light as well.

Built-in shelving is another incredible way to expand the floor space in your home without actually adding a home addition. Call us at Sundance Homes, LLC if you would like to discuss any of the options we’ve listed here. We would love the opportunity to help you make the most of your home through a home renovation project.

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