Good Tips for Creating a Live-in Kitchen

Jun 22, 2017

If you are at the point where your kitchen has started to look outdated, you might be eager to try something completely different. One current trend that is worth thinking about is the live-in kitchen. This is a kitchen that is not just for preparing meals, it also serves as the ideal space for family and friends to gather. The kitchen will serve as the home’s social hub, where you can entertain without hassle. It calls for more space than the standard kitchen, and the addition of a few pieces of furniture and fixtures.

  • Manage the through traffic. Position furniture and cabinets in such a way that the cooking area is always kept clear. Guests should have their own area separated from the cooking space. This will also minimize the number of people walking through during the meal prep process.
  • Choose quiet appliances. Try to keep the noise down for maximum comfort and easy conversation. If the kitchen is next to the laundry room, you should be able to close off the laundry area.
  • Keep control of the visuals. The look of the kitchen is even more important when you have more people there. A view of the cooking area is fine, but looking at dirty dishes can ruin the atmosphere. Proper lighting also sets the tone for a spot where people will gather to chat and relax.
  • Install an island. Putting in an island is a good idea, as is modifying an existing island. It makes the ideal serving area, and acts as a buffer between the kitchen and gathering spot.
  • Make beverages accessible. At various points, guests will want to have wine, coffee or some other beverage. They should be able to get to the coffee maker or the wine chiller, and the glasses and cups should be within easy reach. There should be no need to intrude in the kitchen while meals are being prepared.

With a live-in kitchen, one of your main goals should be to make the space comfortable and inviting. You can add features like bookshelves and a couch or two. A TV is a great addition, especially for sports themed gatherings like Super Bowl parties.

A live-in kitchen takes some planning. Removing the wall, or a section of the wall between the kitchen and dining room will increase your design options. Another key aspect of a relaxing live-in kitchen is the proper use of color to create the right atmosphere.

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