These Hidden Storage Areas are Excellent Ways to Organize Your Home

Jun 22, 2017

Most people will agree that if there is one thing their home needs, it is a little more space. Being able to put away a variety of items will help to keep your house in order, and make chores a breeze. If you stop to think about it however, your home may have even more space than you realize. Floors and walls provide ample storage opportunities if you know how to use them. Even shopping for new furniture can increase your options for beating clutter. Here are a few ways that you can get organized by taking a new look at different parts of your home.

  • Wall Columns – these decorative features can be turned into useful storage. Essentially, you can turn the column into a cabinet by turning a panel into a door, and adding a shelf or two. These small spaces are ideal for small items like books or hand tools. It also works great to add more storage to the kitchen.
  • Below the bathtub – if your bathroom bas a bathtub you can utilize its shape to organize the space. Add tilt-out panels with racks on the inside to keep your bathroom products. The space will be more organized and all the toiletries will be close at hand.
  • Behind picture frames – Pictures and paintings add an artistic touch, but do not forget about the space behind them. By cutting out a space smaller than the frame you can install a small cabinet inside the wall.
  • Double duty furniture – This is one of the easiest ways to boost the storage capacity of your home. When you go furniture shopping, choose pieces that have hidden drawers. These include coffee tables, sofas and beds. If you are handy enough, you can make a few conversions as a DIY project.
  • Below the stairs – This will take some work, so it is best to use a professional. You can either access this space through the stairs, or at the side. Stairs can be folded up to access the space, but a less complex approach is install drawers into a few of the risers.

The goal of creating hidden storage should be creating spaces that are not obvious. You can incorporate drawers into shelves, or install fake wall outlets for storing valuables. By trying a few of these ideas, you will see that you can get more space without expensive renovations.

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