Is Your Home Ready for a Facelift? Let’s build a deck and replace some windows!

May 15, 2014

file2071347828969They say that with people, the eyes are the windows to the soul. I consider the windows on a house to carry much the same emotion and sentiment. Windows can, in my opinion, make a home exceedingly gorgeous, or simply be there to act as… well, windows. That may sound a bit dramatic, but Google “windows before and after” and browse some galleries. You’ll see what I mean. Now, let’s talk about how building a deck and replacing your windows is the perfect facelift for your home.

Let’s Talk Window Replacement

Conjure a mental image of the front of your home. I’m going to talk in generalizations now, because obviously I haven’t seen the front of your specific home. I would assume that you have a pretty basic front door with maybe a little glass in the top or on the sides, and five to eight rectangle windows in various places across the front of your home. That assumption is made based on the typical appearance of most of today’s homes.

Now, humor me, and consider changing things up a bit. Instead of rectangle windows, imagine arched windows. Now where you have two or more windows in close proximity to each other, imagine that they are a large bay window, or a bow window. Bow windows are quickly becoming more popular than their bulkier-looking counterpart. What color are the window frames? Would you use wood or vinyl? How does your home look with brand new, different windows?

Now Let’s Talk Decking

Did you know that a 16x20ft deck, about 320sqft, costs between $10,000 and $17,000 depending on materials used and that you recuperate between 74% and 85% when you sell? That makes decking one of the more valuable home additions you can do.

A New 360

Now that you’ve imagined your home with new windows, mentally make the same changes to all other windows around your home. Walking around your home, imagine that you have built your deck, and it has all of your favorite spring and summer things on it. Do you have a hammock? A grill? A picnic table? A patio table with an umbrella?

Now take a look at the entire 360 degree view of your home. Can you imagine the impressive facelift you’ve given your home simply by replacing windows and adding a deck? Now think about the energy efficiency of your new windows vs. your old ones.

If you’d like a free consultation and quote, call us anything at Sundance Homes, LLC. We’re happy to meet new people in the Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania area, and our designers enjoy providing 3D images of what your new project will look like. Isn’t it about time you offer your home a facelift?

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