Ideas for Building a Custom Home in 2017

Dec 21, 2016


As the evolution of living spaces continues, prospective homeowner is always looking for ways to capitalize on the latest trends. If you have plans for a home for 2017, here is a look at some of the best ideas being used by contractors and designers.

  • Colored stainless steel. This material has always been appealing for its clean look and low maintenance. This has been enhanced with the addition of color. These finishes are available in light and dark tones.
  • Extra-large tiles. Large tiles can make the living space seem more expansive. They are even popular for use in smaller spaces, and many people find them ideal for the kitchen and bathroom as well.
  • Indoors meets outdoors. An unobstructed views of the outside lets in more natural light, and adds warmth to the interior of the home. This can be achieved with large windows, glass walls or screens.
  • Outdoor living spaces. More people will make use of pleasant outdoor temperatures in the coming years. Many custom homes will have intricate decks, or sunrooms for entertaining guests or just relaxing. There will be an increasing focus on making these outdoor spaces more intimate.
  • Sustainable Design. Green, or environmentally friendly elements are worth exploring for a custom home design. Repurposing materials for construction and interior design is becoming increasingly popular, but green design can apply to the outdoor features as well. Repurposed word and composite materials are seeing increased demand for deck construction.
  • Open layouts. No matter how elaborate exteriors get, open concepts will become a mainstay for some time. This provides more design flexibility, and essentially makes the interior larger. The end result will be more useable space, ad a more inviting interior.
  • Tech infusions. There is no denying that smart homes are the way of the future. Control features like lighting and appliances even when you are away from home. Now you can monitor the security of your home using your smartphone. These devices can also communicate with and control some appliances in the home.
  • Spa bathrooms. This trend has been gaining pace for a while. People are changing out plain bathrooms in favor of spa-like fixtures for ultimate relaxation. For a custom home, the ideal bathroom is one that feels almost like another part of the living space. Complete the look with artwork, and enhance comfort with high tech products.

You will find no end to the range of ideas for building a custom home. Remember that you will have to live with your choices for years. While there are plenty of good ideas, they should reflect your individual personality and tastes.

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