Improve the Overall Resource Efficiency of Your Kitchen with these 8 Tips

Oct 19, 2016


We’re all about improving the efficiency of your kitchen this month. It may have something to do with this incredible fall weather and the fact that we can leave the windows open to air everything out. But whatever it is, today we wanted to talk about the variety of ways you can improve the overall resource efficiency of your kitchen. We’ll show you how you can use less power and natural gas, depending on the particular resource that fuels your home.

Windows: Most kitchens have at least one or two walls that face the exterior of the home, making them the perfect place to install new windows. Windows are a great way to improve air flow and keep the kitchen cool, especially with the nice fall weather we’ve seen lately. You can also install transom windows or sidelights to existing windows if you’re looking for more natural light. We can even install transom lighting above your cabinetry if there’s adequate space between the cabinets and ceiling.

Skylights or Sun Tunnels: These options are wonderful for adding natural light to any room, especially the kitchen. A functional (opening) skylight is a great way to improve ventilation as well.

High Efficiency Lighting: Always use high efficiency light bulbs, and consider installing dimmer switches so you don’t have to have the light on full force all the time. Install under-cabinet lighting or toe-kick lighting if you only need a small amount of ambient lighting in the room during certain hours.

Replace Old Plumbing Fixtures: Old fixtures like the faucet use a lot of water. Today’s newer sink faucets use much less water and will help lower your water bill, especially if you also take the time to replace faucets and showerheads in bathrooms.

Replace Old Appliances: Appliances that are older than 10 years old need to be replaced with more energy efficient models. You should be able to recoup some of the purchase price by selling your existing appliances online or in a garage sale.

Energy Star Appliances: Always shoot for energy star appliances. You may even find some pretty great tax incentives for switching to more energy efficient appliances if you look around.

Downsize Appliances: Ask yourself if you really use that huge refrigerator or the five burner range with double ovens. Most people will answer no; they’re nice to have, but not necessities. Consider downsizing as much as you’re confident. This may also open up some valuable space in your kitchen for other things. Like more storage.

On-Demand Hot Water: Your traditional tank style water heater could be costing nearly $600 per year to keep 50 gallons of water hot at all times – just in case someone turns the water on. An electric on demand water heater requires special wiring, but a propane or natural gas on demand water heater is much more efficient without the wiring requirement.

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