A finished basement has the power to transform any normal home into an entirely new structure. Imagine turning your existing family living room into a formal living room and having the ability to take all of the clutter to a new room in the basement. Consider the possibilities of transforming your existing laundry room into a closet while moving the noisy washer and dryer to your newly finished basement.  If you are looking for basement finishing services, call us today.

Basement RemodelingSundance Homes, LLC can help make your dream of a fully functional finished basement a reality. We are homeowners and we understand how important it is to maintain an uncluttered living space; we also understand how difficult that task is with a busy family. We will show you how you can have your cake and eat it, too. We have a lot of experience in creating living spaces by finishing your basement or renovating an old, dated basement to create something entirely new that your family will love.

Ideas for Finishing a Basement

  • Laundry Room – Take that noisy washer and dryer out of your quiet living space, and put it in the basement.
  • Children’s Playroom – Children don’t always clean up their toy messes when asked. When they do, it isn’t always up to their parents’ expectations. Clear up the toy clutter by creating a safe and inviting play area in your newly finished basement.
  • Informal Living Area – A full basement will effectively double the square footage of your home. Use that space to create another separate living area in which your family can enjoy everyday activities without worrying overly-much about appearances.
  • Entertainment – A pool table, big screen television, a few recliners, and a wet bar help create the perfect environment for an entertainment room.
  • Extra Bedrooms – Whether your family is expanding or you simply want extra bedroom space, your basement is a great place to add on more bedrooms.
  • A Full Apartment – Consider the idea of creating a fully functional apartment in your finished basement. Rent the space to help with your monthly expenses.

Whatever your reason for wanting a basement remodel, we’re here to help. Contact us any time to discuss basement ideas or for a consultation and quote.