Keep These 4 Principles of Bathroom Design in Mind When Redesigning Your Bathroom

Sep 21, 2016


An out-of-date bathroom can make a huge difference to homeowners, as well as being a turn-off for potential buyers. Updating the bathrooms in your home is a great way to keep things modern and add value to your property. Bathroom layouts are tricky because once they’re in they’re semi-permanent, and can’t be changed without significant expense. Before beginning your remodel, take a look at these 4 principles of good bathroom design.

Storage, Counter Space, and Accessories

A good bathroom has sufficient space to be of use in addition to the required fixtures. Storage for toiletries, beauty products, extra towels and more is an important addition to any bathroom redesign. Make sure to plan for mirrors and ample counter space to fit the needs of those who will be using the bathroom most. Think about where towels will hang, and where toilet paper will be located.

Space and Functionality

If you’re working with a very small space, a slider door or outward opening door can be a great option for usability. You’ll want to preserve enough space for dressing and undressing and drying off after washing. Consider the wet and dry zones in the bathroom – beside the bath or outside the shower is likely to be exposed to considerable moisture. Decide what works best for your needs as well as for the value of your home – a shower stall, a tub with shower, or in some cases a bath tub alone.

Location in the Home

If you’re looking to add a bathroom or planning a full-floor remodel, consider the location of the bathroom in your home. Putting the bathroom in a less-trafficked area will allow for a little more privacy for those who use it. Also consider the line of sight from your bathroom door – if the door is opened, will the toilet be in full view?


If possible, access to natural light can open up even the smallest bathroom. Many bathrooms are not located in areas where natural light is available. In those cases, make sure there is adequate lighting. You’ll want to think about task lighting near mirrors as well as making sure enclosed areas like showers are well lit.

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