Let’s Plan an Amazing Kitchen Remodel in 2016 with These Kitchen Trends

Dec 23, 2015


Kitchen design has come a long way in the last decade. Trends change from year to year, and even our primary choices for materials change. Some of the trends for 2015 will continue to make waves throughout 2016. They include the addition of design-friendly, custom, or semi-custom elements such as countertops and cabinets. Let’s look at some 2016 kitchen trends that we can all look forward to in the coming year.

  • Metal: Any type of metal can be incorporated into kitchen design. Whether you’re looking for accents like hardware or primary focal pieces like countertops, you can’t go wrong with bronze or brushed nickel for a change of pace from stainless steel.
  • Color: Don’t be afraid to add color to your kitchen. Use different cabinetry for the kitchen island and the surrounding cabinetry to add sophistication and style.
  • Lighting: Natural lighting is best in the kitchen when possible. The addition of large windows or skylights helps tremendously with lighting. Install multiple light sources if you can’t change the windows or add windows to your kitchen.
  • Cabinetry: Custom cabinetry goes far beyond the exterior appearance of the cabinets. Customized functionality may include a tall narrow spice shelf that pulls out alongside other cabinets or a cabinet that is specifically designed to hold small appliances such as the blender or mixer.
  • Countertops: Most homeowners go to the local hardware or kitchen center and purchase a stock or semi-custom countertop for their new kitchen. Today’s kitchen designers offer the potential to design your own custom countertop using cement, glass, or a variety of other material options.
  • Storage: The storage options available in the average kitchen are nearly endless. You can add to the storage with a variety of built-in cabinetry, a nice pantry, a butler’s pantry, toe-kick drawers, or hidden cabinets in the kitchen island. The sky is the limit where kitchen storage is concerned.
  • Customization: While it’s true that you can customize anything we’ve already mentioned in this post, you can also customize the backsplash, the walls, floors, and even the spaces for electronic gadgets. Create a charging port that will accommodate each electronic device in the home.

We’ve seen a lot of pretty amazing kitchens throughout the years, and participated in the creation of many of them. We will work with you to create the kitchen you deserve; the one you’ve dreamt of. We believe every homeowner should live in the home they love, so our goal is to transform your existing home into one that you can fall in love with all over again.

Take a look at our kitchens gallery to get a good idea of the quality of our work. Give us a call at Sundance Homes if we can help you with your 2016 kitchen remodeling plans any time throughout the year. You can call our Maryland office at 410-877-6112, our Delaware office at 302-793-9352, or our cell phone at 443-309-1206.

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