Let’s Take a Look at How Adding a Sunroom and Deck Will Improve Your Home

May 15, 2014

file000802056893A deck is the ultimate way to enjoy the outdoors without getting your feet dirty. Decorate it with comfy deck furniture, a grill, hot tub, and a hammock, and enjoy! I know, it sounds incredible, right? But what will it do to your home’s value to add a deck and a sunroom? Let’s take a look at the costs of adding a deck and sunroom vs. the value they add to your home.

Value of a Sunroom

Let’s say you build a sunroom that is 200 sqft. If you use post-and-beam construction, large energy efficient windows, 10 skylights, tile floor, window sunscreens, and a ceiling fan, you’re looking at an initial investment of roughly $72,000, depending on the quality of materials. At resale, you’ll recuperate a little more than half of that.

Value of a Deck

Let’s say you build a 16ftx20ft (320 sqft) deck using pressure treated wood decking materials. You’re going to spend roughly $10,000, and the resale value will be nearly $8,500. The same size deck in composite materials will cost roughly $15,000, and the resale value will be about $11,000.

The Pros of Building Both a Sunroom and a Deck

People who add a deck are able to recuperate a much higher percentage of their initial investment, but the investment is much smaller than that of a sunroom. Consider building both. You add 200 sqft of space to your existing home, and then another 320 sqft of decking. That’s like adding a 36ftx40ft addition onto your home, but you’re still able to enjoy the beauty of nature within the safety of your own home.

Imagine walking out the back door into a gorgeous sunroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, operable skylights, and potted plants. The rest of the decor is entirely up to you of course, this is just where my imagination is taking us. Now walk through your imaginary sunroom to the door (or French doors!) that lead to the brand new deck.

Now let’s talk about the more important details: Where would you put the hot tub? Where would the new grill go? Are you going to buy a picnic table or a patio style dining table with an umbrella? How much patio furniture and other decor would you purchase? How about adding an outdoor kitchen area complete with mini bar? How jealous are your friends going to be when you can sit and have a beer by the enclosed fire pit in your sunroom during winter?

Okay, I’ll stop with the hypothetical questions for now, but keep them in mind when you’re designing your sunroom and deck. Or better yet, let us help design them. We’ll come up with a few different ideas and show you 3D representations using a photo of your actual home. The designers and builders here at Sundance Homes, LLC are some of the best in our extensive Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania service area.

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