Letting More Light in – Let’s Talk Windows

Jun 17, 2015


Do you love everything about your home except the placement or style of the windows? Changing the windows isn’t nearly as difficult as many homeowners are lead to believe. If you feel that you aren’t getting enough natural light in various areas of the home or that the insulation value needs improvement around the windows, you should look at shaking things up a bit while improving these areas.

Double Hung Window Types

If you’re going to have an open floor plan kitchen in place, then you may want to look into double hung windows. This is unique in that it allows a lot of light in, but you gain control over ventilation. By having two opening styles, you can offer more air flow from the bottom or top of your window’s frame. Put multiples in an open kitchen and you will absolutely love the freedom that it offers as a result.

Casement Window Types

Amidst hinged solutions, you may find that a casement window is the way to go for your home. Often put in a large room that has a good view, these are interesting in that you get control via a hand crank. As you turn the hand crank, the window hinges open wide at an angle. This allows you to have a bit of angular design, for good ventilation, but more importantly, expansive viewing across the room. These can really offset the visuals in your home, especially a kitchen that overlooks a wide open space.

Transom Window Types

For sun rooms, reading areas, or even large master bathrooms, transom window styles are very interesting. These can be non-operational if need be, or they can open up to allow a lot of ventilation. These are mainly mounted higher than door openings and allow natural light to come in from above. They can also come with curves, bell shapes, or framed to give a sense of shadow when the sun hits them directly. These are definitely for the design savvy.

Bay Window Types

For those that are in need for more square footage, you’ll definitely love bay window styles. These give you additional square footage by pushing the window framing and glass away from the home. These come with several angular design points, and can have double hung, casements, or stationary windows flanking the interior. This option can allow for a lot of natural light, and give a sense of freedom in terms of interior design flow. It’s a must see and upgrade for those that want more space, with limited options.

There are a lot of creative options that you can work within in order to change your window styles. Whether you want to have more natural light or you are thinking from a specific creative standpoint, this is a great remodeling solution that could very well improve the value of your home. There are several types of windows that you can invest in, and exploring them a bit can help you make a final decision. Keep in mind that window replacement is the second-best type of facelift you can give your home, so be creative and choose windows that will improve curb appeal.

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