Looking for Basement Remodeling Ideas? Build a Bathroom

Aug 29, 2017


Most homes can use an extra bathroom, but aside from a tight budget, there may be other concerns. Some homes simply do not have the space for adding one, and expanding the home can be too challenging or expensive. If you have a basement that has not been renovated you have a good chance of getting your new bathroom.

Design Specifics

Before making your plans, contact the local building authorities to learn about restrictions and ordinances. Some aspects of basement construction can make the project easier. The basement is usually home to a lot of plumbing and the central system for electrical wiring. Take advantage of this when you plan the layout for the bathroom and lighting fixtures. You can make the project less challenging by putting the bathroom close to the wiring and plumbing.

The size of your basement will dictate what type of bathroom you can build. If the room is big enough you can have a full bathroom with a bathtub or shower. For most basements, the most realistic plan involves just a toilet and sink. Before any work can start, take steps to eliminate moisture in the basement. A small shower presents fewer waterproofing challenges. If there is a chance of water reaching the floor consider putting in a floor drain.


Many basements are naturally dark, so making use of natural light can be difficult even with an egress window. If the basement has an above ground exterior wall this will increase your lighting options. Even for a small bathroom, a single light source is not the best idea. The bathroom will space will feel closed in with too many shadows. Since basements have low ceilings, avoid hanging lights of any kind. If the bathroom will have a vanity, there should be a separate light source for this area.

On average, a small basement bathroom can be built for roughly $15,000. As an extra bathroom it will not need high-end fixtures, but you should still choose attractive quality products. Some excavation might be necessary to set up the plumbing for a bathtub or shower. You might also be able to connect these lines to the sewage ejector system for the toilet. Even a small bathroom can benefit from some attractive tile work. Since you have limited space, opt for subway tiles or tiles of similar size. Even a job as small as this one requires professionals to ensure that you don’t have to make corrections later on.

Call us at our Maryland office at 410-877-6112 or our Delaware office at 302-793-9352 to discuss remodeling your bathroom with us. We’ll help you design, build, and light your new bathroom. A bathroom, even if you’re building a half-bath, adds a lot of functionality to the home, but it needs to be added in the right spot so it doesn’t seem completely out of place.

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