Modify the Cramped Floor Plan in Your Ranch Style Home

Jun 17, 2015


Traditional ranch style homes feel very compartmentalized. There are individual rooms for living, dining, cooking, playing, and sleeping. While many of us love the look and feel of a ranch home, we begin to feel a bit claustrophobic after some time in one. Today we’re going to talk about ways to really open up the floor plan in your ranch style home and make it feel roomier without a home addition.

Create an Eat-In Kitchen

Consider taking out the wall between the dining room and kitchen. Step back and look at all of the room you would gain access to because the corners between the rooms simply aren’t being used. If you aren’t sure you want to demolish an entire wall, consider a food pass-through window. How many times have you bumped into someone else while carrying food or dishes through the kitchen-dining room doorway? Create an easier way to traverse the path by creating a pass-through window for dishes and such.

Extra Space

You may find that you have extra space when you decide to create the ideal eat-in kitchen because that wall allowed you to move the eating space closer to the kitchen. Now what are you going to do with the extra space? How about windows? You may benefit from a half-walled child’s play area or pet play area. Or maybe a half bath could take up some of the extra space you gain by remodeling? Take a chance and go with French or sliding doors that open up onto an amazing patio. The options are nearly endless.

Open the Living Room to the Kitchen and Dining Room

Unless you really love extra wall space – and we’re assuming you don’t since you’re here – take out all of those extra walls. An open floor plan allows you to keep an eye on every room simultaneously. This is an excellent thing for parents with small children, households with multiple pets, and even for families who simply enjoy entertaining friends. Imagine preparing food, snacks, or drinks while still being included in the conversations in the next room.


Most ranch style homes have very roomy bedrooms. Take a close look at your existing floor plan and see if you can add some extra storage space or maybe turn those bedrooms into master suites. This will allow you to really make use of all of the square footage in your home instead of having seven feet of extra space at the end of the bedroom.

Miscellaneous Ideas

Create a wall of windows on a south or southwest facing wall so you can make the most of the evening sun. Capture the sun’s natural heat during the winter and watch your power bill reduce a bit. A sunroom is an amazing way to create a more open feeling, especially when combined with any of the ideas mentioned above.

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