Do You Need to Replace Your Roof?

Mar 22, 2017


When was the last time you looked up at your roof? When was the last time that you replaced your roof? If you are not sure how what the answer is to either of these questions or the answer is that it has been awhile, then it may be time to consider replacing your roof.

Here are 5 reasons why you may need to replace your roof:

  1. Most shingles are only designed to last between twenty and twenty-five years, so if it has been at least that long, we recommend calling a professional and scheduling a time to replace your roof.
  2. If any of your shingles are curling or buckling on your roof, then those shingles are past due for replacement. If these shingles are not fixed, then water can get between them and leak down into your home.
  3. Missing shingles are another cause for concern, because then there is nothing protecting your roof from the elements. The shingles are designed to keep rain, snow, and ice out of your home and if they are not there, they cannot do their job.
  4. When you are looking at your roof for signs of damage, we recommend that you check your gutters as well for any loose shingle granules. There may always be a few shingle granules inside your gutters, but if you see quite a bit, then it is time to replace your shingles.
  5. You should never be able to daylight when you are standing in your attic, so if there is ever a time that you do, there is a problem. Daylight will mean that the shingles may be missing, the plywood is damaged and most likely rotted, and water has been seeping into your home. If the water continues to get inside your home, it can damage your ceilings and walls and mold can grow from the extensive moisture.

A roof that is past its prime can cause major problems if you do not replace it immediately. We know that you do not want costly repair bills in addition to a roof replacement bill, which is why we believe that it is important for you to call a professional to look at your roof when you first think that something is wrong.

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