Overlooked Elements of a Custom Renovation

Feb 17, 2015

Once you purchase a home, you’re going to find that there are things wrong with it. Whether it’s the lack of space, or it’s just that you’ve outgrown it. Millions of people are in the same boat, finding themselves wishing for a new home, and they begin looking. When you look at the landscape of options that abound today, you are going to find that there are a lot of great homes, but there may be something lacking in each and every one of them. If you find that your existing home still has a lot of function, and you just think you need renovations, call Sundance Custom Homes and we will help turn your existing home into your dream home with a few modifications. It all starts with finding a good custom home builder, like us.

The Best Home Builders

Finding the best custom renovators is as simple as hiring a company that has been in business for some time. Don’t go with any business that hasn’t been established for at least 10 years, with a catalog of experience to prove their value. If you call someone, ask for reviews, testimonials, and references. If they don’t have any, yet claim to be in business for a long time, be wary. A good company will not only give you the right information, they will readily give you a glimpse of their work from the past. You’ll find this type of information on our website, and we’ll be glad to discuss previous projects with you as well as provide several references if you wish.

The Upgrades

There are several upgrades that you will want to consider when considering your home’s size and shape. The first one is going to be simple enough, the basement. If you haven’t finished the basement, then you are wasting a lot of valuable space. Getting this finished and turned into an additional living space could very well give someone a sprawling room, man cave, or any other functional solution for moving forward with an upgrade. This can also help with ensuring you do not get water damage from leaks or anything along those lines. Getting your kitchen, bathroom, and perhaps a new addition built is also a good plan of action, all of which should be done by a professional.

A Second Level

Another option that you may want to consider when you look into custom renovations is adding a second level. Call us to assess whether or not this is feasible with your existing foundation, and you very well may see a good option moving forward. This should not be attempted without the estimate and walk through of one of our experienced builders. You’re going to find that this project, even though it may seem simple enough, can actually turn complex fast. To ensure that it’s done right the first time, call us and we will give you the right ideas as to how to proceed with this often overlooked gem.

Overall, the biggest thing to consider before you sell your home for another is simple renovations and upgrades. These things can offset the cost of purchasing a new custom home and deliver a solid solution for your needs. Just remember, don’t go DIY with any of this, you’ll end up spending more than you planned for and cause serious issues with the construction process.

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